Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jingit VIP Check in and updated list of current Videos

I received an email about the chance to win $100 in my Jingit account by doing a Jell-o check in.
To participate you do the following:

  • Check In at Walmart with the JELL-O 4-pack.
  • Purchase the JELL-O 4-pack that you scanned at Walmart.
  • Keep your JELL-O 4-pack box to scan at home (no you can’t be in the store). Double check on the Jingit Facebook page to confirm we'll be doing it that night.
  • Be the first person to complete the JELL-O 4-Pack $100 VIP Check In at 7:00pm CST (CENTRAL TIME)!
  • Receive $100. Yay!
If you aren’t quite quick enough and someone beat you to it, you might get an error message or not see at it all. Don’t freak out! That means, you didn’t get it this time, but you should save the box for the next time.

Good luck to everyone that chooses to participate

And now, an updated list of the active videos as of today (I am now up to $16.80)

Jello 4 packs - .25 earnings
Jello - .25 earnings (on this one, watch the first video, then hit next video for another .25!)
Jello Mix Ins - .25 earnings
Snickers - .25 earnings
Elmers Glue All - .25 earnings
Smores - .20 earnings (this one you can do multiple times throughout the day)
Funny or Die - $1 (some report this reset for them but it has not for me)

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