Thursday, October 25, 2012

Randalls - Hot Soda Sale* and other promotions

If you are fortunate enough to have the personalized price on Coke, Pepsi and 7up on your J4U account, then this week you can score an AMAZING deal on soda!

This week the 12 packs are on sale for buy 2 get 2 free.  Regular price is $5.99 but if you have personalized pricing, you can get them as low as $2.79 each.  With that, you can do the following:

Buy 8 participating 12 packs of soda @$2.79 each = $22.32
Get 4 free with b2g2 sale -$11.16
=$11.16 for all 8 or $1.40 each
If you have manufacturer coupons to combine with this deal, you can really score a deal

These are gonna come in handy for my mom's party and will save her some money!

*There is also a $0.50 Fanta 12 pack coupon you can load but we don't drink Fanta so I was willing to pay the extra $0.50

While walking the store trying to get my total up to $30 (I have a $3 off $30 j4u) I noticed the Martha White is in fact free if you printed that $0.50 coupon I posted on facebook. (zip 97401)

Other things I noticed but did not take pictures of

Knorr Homestyle stock is $3.49
You should have a $1 off J4U store coupon (or if you found the Fall Randalls Saving books, this coupon is in there)
Combine with the $2 coupons that Randalls had next to meat a few weeks back
Comes to just $0.49 after coupons

Check your J4U account for the freebie on La Victoria tortillas.
It will be in the coupon center under International Cuisine if you have it
This did not come off as it should have but I had no problems showing the store I had it loaded so they  honored the FREE :D (just make sure you watch for this one since it must be coded incorrectly)

Next, I noticed I had 2 Lipton tea coupons on my J4U account
They stated:
$1 off and
Save $0.50 off 1
They had a small box of tea bags for $1.29 so those were free (no overage, coupons adjusted down- the $1 was a store coupon and the .50 was a manuf)

Next thing I noticed that I thought was a good deal with the holidays coming up.
There is an in ad coupon for Hefty foam plates @ $1.49 each limit 2
I also had a loadable (or again a coupon in the Fall Savings book) for $1/2
On top of that I had a 10% off any paper or plastic paperware
I bought 2 and this is how my transaction panned out:
2 @ $2.49 each (shelf price) = $4.98
-10% savings on 1 = -$0.25
-personalized pricing $1 x 2 = -$2
- loadable for $1/2 = - $1
=$1.73 for both or $0.87 each for 50 foam plates per pack
*edit to add: Qrazy just reminded me there is a $1/2 coupon in the 9/30 Smart Source so you can get them as low as .37 each!!! Guess I will be going back

Now for the advertised deals from the weekly insert

Pork Loin Rib Half Sliced $1.29/lb

Fresh Express Spinach or Garden Plus Salads $1
*I have 20% off produce so just $0.80
You also might want to check your misc coupon stack as there are various blinkies and booklet coupons you might have for these salads

Lucerne 1/2 gal milk, limit 3 $1.49 each after .50 J4U  loadable

Dr Pepper 2 liters, limit 3 $.69 each after .30 J4U loadable

Mission Tortilla Chips, 13 oz, limit ?, $0.99 after J4U loadable

Safeway Apple Juice $0.99 after J4U loadable
*If you have personalized pricing cheaper than $1.99 you should get much cheaper

Starkist tuna pouches are bogo @ 1.69
with the .55 coupon from 7/15 Smart Source you can get 2 for
$1.14 or $0.57 each

Eggland's Best 1 dozen eggs are $1.99 with in ad coupon
-$0.35 insert from 9/30 Smart Source insert
$0.94 for 1st with triple coupon

$5 Friday deal

*my fav is back
Lucerne or Open Nature Chunk cheese, 24-32 oz $5
That is just $2.50 for 1 lb or for easy comparison $1.25 for 8 oz(which usually goes on sale for $1.66)

Herbal Essesnce is 2 for $5
Use the bogo coupon from 9/16 Smart Source insert
-$1 blinkie
2 for $1.50 or $0.75 each

Thanks SD for the coke info

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Daniela6968 said...

No coke deal for me. I did get the tortillas. Will have to see about it working. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I see a coupon for the cokes for $2.79 under the coupon center, not the personalized pricing. Will I still be able to do your deal?

KillaDutch said...

Thanks so much for the soda deal!! And to pp, you can use the coupon for $2.79 and buy at least 8 to get them for $1.40 each, the cheapest price I've seen in forever, especially for Coke!

Anonymous said...

I also have that coupon under the coupon center. Its for the coca cola, pepsi or 7up. It says must buy 5 and a limit of 10.

Anonymous said...

I see the q has a limit of ten, but i'm wondering if I could get twelve since the other two would be free after bogo. What do u all think?

Anonymous said...

I went to try and get the deal on soda's and my store is not running same sale... Totally bummed!!! But thanks for all you do!

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