Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jingit - Have you seen these Ads yet?

This is a screen shot of my current balance on Jingit.(go here and here to read how it works)  If you have an android or smartphone and have not signed up, you might want to now.  While I have not gotten videos on my phone in awhile, there are several videos currently available on my laptop that I have been able to watch daily(sometimes more than once a day) and earn each time.  Just let the video play, answer a few questions and earn REAL cash!  How easy is that?  I am loving this app and plan to actually move some of this balance over to my debit card to use on the $5 when you buy 5 sale at Kroger.(advertised match ups found here)

These are the current ads I have been watching for cash daily:

Elmer's Glue ad - .12 earnings
Jello - .25 earnings
Smores - .20 earnings
Jello Mix ins - .20 earnings(I think?)
Snickers - .25 earnings

If you are like me, you check your email before leaving the house.  These ads take less than 2 minutes to earn you about $1 and then when you get home, check them again :D

I LOVE free money
Those that have signed up, what is your balance up to?

*For you Kroger shoppers, stay tuned later today for the unadvertised $5 when you buy 5 matchups!

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