Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kroger Saturday run

After the class on Saturday I hit up Kroger and decided to do the Daytona deal again. I got
3 Totinos pizza rolls $1.25 - 3 .35/1 tripled insert coupon - .90 for Daytona deal = -.30 each
5 Bc Fruit snacks $1.79 - 3 .50 doubled insert coupon - 1 .50/2 doubled insert coupon - 1.50 for Daytona deal = $3.45
2 Pillsbury Grands $1.27 - 2 .25 tripled insert coupon - .60 for Daytona deal = .44
3 Bic Comfort 2 razors clearanced for $2.24 - $2 insert coupon = .72
3 Johnson Buddy bars $1.09 - $1 insert coupon = .27
1 Blue Bell ice cream(not pictured) $2.99 - 1 printable from bb website = $1.99
I also used a $3.50 catalina I had from buying the BC snacks before. Total was $2.67
(it took off negative tax because of the $3.50 catalina)
BUT the catalina machine was supposed to give me another $3.50 oynso catalina for the fruit snacks and a $3/3 Johnson products coupon. The catalina machine was not working so I sent Erin to the service desk(yes, she went with me to help me get this next order since she preordered it for me) to get my $3.50 while I rang my next transaction.

23 Fast fixins chicken for $1 each with raincheck - $1 tearpad coupon = FREE
1 Blue Bell ice cream $2.99 - $1 printable from Blue Bell = $1.99 BUT the cashier entered the chicken on price override wrong and the manager had to come over and manually enter 19 of my Fast Fixins coupons AND he entered them as taxable.
My transaction actually went negative so he just zeroed it out and I paid NOTHING!

As if that was not cool enough, Erin was fininshed at the service desk just about the same time and came over and handed me $6.50 in CASH from my first transaction so.............

Paid $2.67 + $0 and got back $6.50 = I was PAID $3.83 to "buy" ALL these items!!!!! I think I am going to go shopping with Erin more often, lol.

Also ran into one of our class participants shopping and getting in on the good deals. Hello! Unfortunately I did not catch your name and I need you to contact me. I am interested in your business and would like to hear more. Please email me.


Doreen said...

I was wondering about the cat's that don't print out. My new store here in Pearland still doesn't print out cat's . I love the store but hate missing out on the cat's. Any suggestions?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Doreen, you can call catalina and let them know. Have your receipt handy and they should be able to help you and possible mail you your coupons. I am not positive if they can do this if the machines are not there, but it is worth a shot. Their number is 1-888-826-8766

Elle-Tn said...

Gosh I sure wish I could get Erin to go shopping with me. I know she could teach us Tennessee girls a thing or two up here.

Amie said...

You wouldn't believe the fiasco I had with the service desk over my BC Cat's on Sat. She kept insisting $3 was taken off (while pointing at the Daytona Discount). I finally told her she had 2 options. Go back to the register and pull out the cat I'd just used to get the details or just scan a box 5 times, total it out and watch it print. She opted for the latter & I got my BC catalinas, lol.

Kudos on the shopping with Erin...I'm Jealous! LOL!

Suz said...

Can I say WOW on the chicken nuggets?!?!?! Unfort. I don't get coupons for that brand, I'm not even sure they carry it here... will certainly have to look & then trade for some coupons if I find them!

Kathryn said...

What do you mean by "preordered"? How do you preorder at Krogers?

Kathryn said...

BTW, congrats on the super finds

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Kathryn, Erin and I will usually speak with a manager and have them special order items that we know we will have alot of coupons for, so as not to clear the shelves for other shoppers. Also, that assures us we can get the amount of the type we want.

Doreen said...

Thanks Zm will do. I went again last night bc kids are sick needed gatorade. This time did get cat. I think they finally got machines to print! Now they will be my fav. store.I found dove chocolate,mahatma rice and sargento cheese winetags.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Oh wow! Now I am jealous of you Doreen. Those Mahatma wine tags make for free rice, even overage at times.

Nicole W. said...

I love that those Bic razors were on clearance! I saw that a couple weeks ago and picked up a couple. Good razors are usually so expensive!

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