Saturday, February 7, 2009

Free Cheerios at Kroger

Went back to Kroger to run another Daytona 500 deal for my mom and pick me up some FREE cheerios.
3 Pizza rolls $1.25 - .35/1 tripled -.30 for Daytona deal = -.10 each
1 Pillsbury rolls $1.27 - .25/1 tripled - .30 for Daytona deal = .22
6 Chef Boyardee $.88 - .35/3 tripled - .30 for Daytona deal = .23 each
2 Multigrain cheerios and 1 Honey Nut cheerios $5 - $3/3 peelie - 2 .75 loadables for MG Cheerios - .50 loadable for HN Cheerios = FREE!!!!!!
I also used a $1 on your next shopping order catalina I earned from buying mustard last week and paid $.05 for this whole transaction!


Christy (Guinea) said...

oh but do I need more cereal?...I already have 47 boxes and 3 jumbo bags... Ok you talked me into it. Back to Kroger I go...

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Jenny said...

Wow - what a deal!

jem's mom said...

I keep hearing about "loadables", what are they and how do I get them?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

jem's mom: If you look at the main page of my blog in the left hand column there are links right below the hot coupon world logo.
There are 3 websites you can sign in to and load coupons to your Kroger plus card that will come off at the register when you purchase the qualifying products. The fourth site: upromise, will add the savings to your upromise account rather than have it come off at the register.

Greeny said...

Jake is so upset I haven't purchased any pizza rolls for him. That's what I get for showing him your blog!!

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