Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kroger for .90 today

Today Kroger started a new promo called the Daytona 500. You buy 10 qualifying items and get $3 off your purchase instantly. That equates to .30 off PER qualifying item so I got the following:
6 Chef Boyardee .88 each - .30 for promo - .35 (.35/3 coupon tripled 1-4SS)= .23 each
1 Grands Biscuits $1.27 - .30 for promo - .75 (.25/1 coupon tripled 11-23 or 12-14 SS) = .22
3 Totino's pizza rolls $1.25 - .30 for promo - 1.05(.35 tripled 1-11, 1-18 and 1-25 SS) - .50 loadables(had 1 from shortcuts and 2 from cellfire) = -.60 each

Non Daytona items:
3 Hormel pepperoni $1 each - .35 tripled to $1 = FREE
1 Green leaf lettuce = .77
3 Bananas .54
3 Yo Plus Yogurts $2 each - $1 inserts (1-18 SS) - $1 loadable(I had 1 from shortcuts and 2 from cellfire) = FREE
Receipt took off -.21 in tax so total was .90 for all of this

Note: my husband didn't like the picture I took and insisted I use his and give him credit, so I have to say my husband took the picture and here is his credit, lol.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your success. Where would I find the Hormel pepperoni? Is $1 the sale price?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

I found mine in the produce section in my store and yes it is a sale price with no date on the tag.

Budget Bella said...

This is why I love Katy Couponers .. I check your website, write down "your" shopping list, grab my coupons, in and out of Krogers in 20 mins, and my pantry is full!!

annmas said...

I had my coupons ready to go, then I saw your post! I dont see the Totino Pizza Rolls as part of the deal in the ad. Am I overlooking it?

Anonymous said...

I look at your post everyday and do my shopping after yours also. I was so excited to find colgate 6.4 oz on sale for .99. I had 4 .75Qs and when I went to purchase them the cashier told me that she would do it this time but that it is one coupon per purchase. When I explained that means one per item not one per transaction she was extremely ugly about it and slammed them in a bag as she rolled her eyes and said thank you Miss. I feel like I get that alot and I am just starting and that are going to yank coupons all together b/c they don't like that I'm saving. I am definitely addicted and wanted to know what your typical response is. thanks so much. I have sent your site to at least 40 friends. It's awesome

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Nope, you are not overlooking it. The pizza rolls were not in the ad but they were marked in the store and they are part of the deal. Unadvertised part of the deal.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Anon, when I get the comments of one per purchase and they just will not listen to reason, I tell them I don't mind them ringing me up multiple times, I have no where to be. Occassionally I have had to give up and leave products there and in those cases, I go up the chain of command with my complaints.

Anonymous said...

Can you post the UPC for your $1 Hormel pepperoni? The Westheimer Krogers didn't have them.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Anon: The upc for the Hormel is 0 37600 35297 0. I was told these were on a cardboard display in the produce section over the holidays. The store I found them in had them near the fancy cheese in the deli case. Good luck as I have not found them in all stores.

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