Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free bag from Stouffers Dinner Club

Today in the mail I got this really awesome reusable shopping bag. This was a promotion through Stouffers. You earned points which you could redeem for a donation to Feeding America and earn yourself a reusable shopping bag. The bonus was, you earned enough points just signing up to earn the bag! The extra bonus is, they received an overwhelming response and were able to donate 1.8 million meals in the first donation and an additional 95,472 meals through the second effort, so far.
I believe the bag promotion is over, but the dinner club is still active and you can enter points from meals to earn other rewards. You can register here : Stouffer's Dinner Club


Budget Bella said...

Wow! What a great initative, and large bag!

Doreen said...

Hey there just wanted to let you know I got my p&g coupon book in the mail today.For the most part coupons are the same that come out monthly only with a longer expiration date. There are a few different and good ones.I'm glad it came in I've been waiting!!

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