Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free toddler wipes and Cheap canned chicken

Right now at Kroger this 42 count of Kroger Comforts toddler wipes is on sale for $1. There are also $1 peelies sprouting up around town making the wipes FREE!

I had a wonderful trader on HCW send me some Sweet Sue .75 any poultry product coupons for a trade to be determined in the future. Lucky for me HEB has the 5 oz cans of Chunk White Chicken for .99 so after coupon only .24 a can! Also, thanks to a tip from my good friend Erin, I found out the Demets Sugar Free Turtles are sold for $1.66 at HEB and I had some $1.50 any 3 oz or larger coupons(these bags are 3.25 oz). So for just .16 a bag. My mom will sell these at cost to a friend of hers that is diabetic so I will recoup my .16, lol. I also bought 4 bananas but 2 did not make it into the picture as they ended up in my ravenous kiddos bellies. I spent $7.08 on these 31 items and will get back $1.60 for the candy.


Anonymous said...

any clue to where the sprouting peelies are growing? lol

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

From reports from friends they are showing up ALL around town. Just keep an eye on the baby aisle.

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