Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Randalls ad May 15th - 21st

Randalls is located in Houston and Austin area and Tom Thumb is located in Dallas area. The ads are typically about the same for all 3 and other Safeway affiliates.

Randalls will double up to .50 and triple up to .39 one identical coupon. Other coupons are accepted at face value. You can read their coupon policy here.
My Randalls 101 shopping guide can be found here.

2X Gas Reward Points on groceries through Jun 15th *you must load the J4U coupon to your card for this offer to start doubling your points.

Chobani Greek Yogurt (6 oz) $1
Use $0.30 printable
$0.10 after first coupon triples

Nature Sweet Cherub Tomatoes (10 oz) Buy 1 get 1 free
*does not list a price

Fresh Express Spinach or Garden Plus Salads (9-16 oz) buy 1 get 1 free
*does not list a price

Dr Pepper or 7 UP (2 liter) $0.59 each, limit 6
Use b1g1 free printable - if Dr Pepper ten is included
$.59 each wyb 2 or .30 each

Pantry Essentials Milk $2.50

Balance Bar (1.79 oz) $1
Use $1/2 coupon from 5/12 RP insert
$.50 each after coupon wyb 2

$5 Friday
Lucerne Butter (16 oz)  $2.50 each

Purina Cat Chow (6.3 lb) $5
Use $1 coupon from 4/21 SS insert
$4 after coupon

I know I Missed a lot cause I am getting tired, will post more when I am able to walk the store and get the hidden deals :D

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Kody at Skinny Sized said...

I found Wolf Brand Chili 15 oz $1
Plus there is a loadable coupon for $1 off which would make it free.

GlennJ said...

I found I had a matching J4U coupon center eQs to use:

Balance Bar pricing @ 89¢ (limit 4)

$10/$100 American Express Gift Card looked promising as well

Also there was a $1/1 Fresh Express Salad paper/printable in this month's Fresh Idea booklet

Stephanie Jensen said...

Glenn, I looked online at the Fresh Express coupon when I was looking through the ad but was unsure if the coupon matches since it had a different description on the kinds of salad

Stephanie Jensen said...

Oh, I didn't see the American express until the next day when they refreshed

GlennJ said...

Yeah, I noticed that it (Q) said salad "blends", but figured I'd bring a couple with me when I go shopping here in a bit. Will try to update you either way.

Yesterday I received a free Doritos Locos Taco q mailed to me from Safeway as part of a recent Facebook promo, so between that and a $5/$20 personalized offer, I'm definitely shopping Tom Thumb this week.

GlennJ said...

Just got back from my Tom Thumb run, and good news all around:

Dr Pepper 10 *was* included in sale
Fresh Express coupons *did* work as several of the salad blend bags were included in the sale

And Kody's tip about the Wolf Brand Chili got me a free can - thanks!

Also, if you were able to get the B1G1F or $1/1 Sabra Facebook printable yesterday (National Hummus Day), these are on sale for $3. My store also was advertising the Sabra Variety Pack as part of the $5 Friday deals, but didn't have any out.

Colie's Kitchen said...

I had a weird experience at Randall’s today. I added two just for you Friday $5 special coupons to my card today and had a big issue. One coupon/special I added was $5 for a 24pk of Pepsi and one was for $5 for a 24pk of Dr. Pepper both were limit three.
When I went to the register with 3 of each in my cart. The checker told me “we have a limit of 3” I said yes I understand I added a coupon for Pepsi and a coupon for dr. pepper limit three each. She said it won’t work even though you added two separate coupons you can only buy three total. OK that didn’t make sense to me. Why would you have two offers on your card for one offer you could actually use? According to the offers I added I could buy 3 of each brand.
She rang them up to show me what was happening and she was right. I was really unhappy because I wanted to use the $5/20 coupon on my card also but that didn’t happen. Because the limit was 3 total even though you could clearly see on my card two different offers.
When I got home it showed on my card that I used both coupons/offers. Hummm I thought how could that be? I only purchased 3/24pks. I called customer service to clear up my own confusion. They said that the promotions are tied together and it’s in the fine print of the online coupon. The problem is once you add it to your card you can no longer read the fine print of the coupon and would have no way of knowing that two coupons would actually only equal one coupon.
So I said to him … being that they are two different manufactures why would a customer ever think they would be tied together when there are two separate coupons, and two separate manufactures. Like a coupon for chili and one for laundry detergent would actually be the same coupon or something like that …. That makes no sense? A customer would never think it was the same if in fact they had to add two separate coupons to their cards because it’s two separate products.
His response was ….. Well…. Some people like Dr. Pepper, some people like Pepsi…. We “assume” our customer likes one or the other and if you like Pepsi you wouldn’t choose the Dr. Pepper coupon and vice versa. LOL does that even make sense! Moral of the store they did nothing to help me and said I need to read to fine print of every single offer before I put it on my lol …. Buyer beware! Seems like a bait and switch deal to me!

Leara Brown said...

Thats when you go online and make a complaint to the FTC THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. After this, they will be the sweetest, most well-mannered, cordial and kind-hearted cashiers, your eyes have failed to adore. Apparently, the cashier believes the two soda companies are the same so he thinks you're trying to triple dip but he's just confused. I believe a short complaint explaining your dillema should clear it all up. I myself am tired of going into stores and know more about their policies than the store manager....well at walmart; its the district manager that doesnt know the difference between "one coupon per purchase" and "one coupon per transaction". Ohhhh trust me, I made 1 (one) complaint with the FTC and thats all it took. It was like magic; everyone in walmart was fixed, repaired and working properly. YAyyyyy!

GlennJ said...

@ Colie's Kitchen

I'm certainly not an expert in the matter, but the root of the problem could be the fact that until very recently Dr Pepper's parent company (which has changed hands several times since the mid '80s) heavily relied on either PepsiCo or Coke for bottling and distribution. For example, in my area DP would almost always be included in sales where Pepsi was advertised as such - all the DP either came from the large Pepsi distributor in Dallas or the small, independent (glass) bottling facility in Dublin, TX.

But even then, coupons treated them as separate products. And furthermore, DP's newest owner (Cadbury-Schweppes) has started bottling/distributing the product on it's own. So if they are now the distributor for your area that makes even less sense.

It sounds like Safeway/Randalls intended on only limiting the deal to 3 drink cases (total) but botched their implementation as far as making it clear to customers.

On a side note, I have also had bad experiences with my Safeway affiliate (Tom Thumb) regarding soft drink sales. I once tried to use some mycokerewards vouchers for free Coke 12-packs (up to $5) and ultimately chose to use them at TT as they were advertising B2G2 in that week's circular. My jaw almost dropped when the cashier rang them up and they scanned at ~$7 each! My fault for not looking closely at the shelf price, but what a deceptive and inconvenient sales practice!

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