Friday, May 31, 2013

Coffee Coffee everywhere and not a drop I'll drink

I have to admit I can't stand coffee! I drank way too much flavored coffee one night in college pulling in all nighter studying for a Diff EQ exam(if you don't understand what that means, good for you, be grateful and walk away Quickly!!!)  and got very sick after my exam (I did pass by the way, if you were curious).
Ever since, I cannot touch coffee.  I love the smell of it brewing but it is sneaky like that.  Smells great but blech to the taste.

Anyway, I was at HEB checking stuff for ibotta and stumbled upon a coffee fanatics fantasy.  Coffee coffee everywhere and most of it half price (yes, terrible play on a terribly popular quote from literature - get over it, lol)

So, I do have all the pics of the tags if you need those? or perhaps I could just type up what I saw??  Check your HEB stores for these clearance prices, great deals to be had on the regular shelf still so should be at more than just my store!
these were all 50% off

Community Coffee Half Caf Med to Dark Roast $2.89

Starbucks Cafe Verona Decaf Ground coffee (12 oz) $3.64
Use $2/2 coupon from 5/12 Smart Source insert
$2.64 each wyb 2 after coupon

illy coffee(picture too blurry to state variety) $5.99

Java Beans Joe coffee $4.24

Folgers Decaf Coffee Singles (19 ct) $2.24
Use $1.50 printable coupon
$.74 after coupon

Folgers Simply Smooth Decaf 11.5 oz $2.19
Use $1.50 printable coupon
$0.69 after coupon

Caffee D'Vita $2.49 (sorry again a blurry pic)

HEB Special Roast coffee (big can but can't read the oz) $3.47

Gevalia Traditonal Roast Ground (12 oz) $3.34
Gevalia Espresso Roast Ground
Gevalia Dark Chocolate Mocha Ground
Use $1.50 printable coupon
$1.84 after coupon

HCF coffee filters #2 cone 100 ct $1.44
HCF coffee filters #2 cone 40 ct $.74

Bunn coffee filters 100 ct $0.74

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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I LOVED Diff EQ :-)

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