Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Costco Membership offer $55 with $50 worth of coupons included

I know several friends who have been discussing getting a Costco membership for the over the counter meds pricing alone.  If you have been considering a membership, Zulily is making an offer you cannot refuse.  Pay $55 for a one year membership and you will also receive coupons for:
  • Free Rotisserie Chicken
  • A case of Kirkland Signature Water (just in time for the start of Hurricane season)
  • 48 pack of batteries
Thanks Aliceson for the heads up.  I can't wait until Sugar Land gets their Costco built :D

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Juliana said...

Please be careful with this. We did this last year in response to an email from Costco and when I signed up at the store, they took my filled in form and said the coupons would be mailed. After not receiving them I called and customer service did not know anything about it. Told me to wait it could take weeks to months to get. Now 8 months later, no coupons and still no help from Costco's customer service. We feel like we were scammed. It is a distance from Humble to Willowbrook and I only signed up to try because of the coupons. If anyone knows someone else we could talk to concerning this I would sure appreciate the info.

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