Sunday, May 12, 2013

More ibotta - Free Teriyaki and Capri Sun; .08 Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

I stopped into Walmart today to do my price matching and check on some prices on ibotta products.
I was happy to see they have the 1 lb Arm and Hammer Baking Soda for just .58.  ibotta is offering .50 through 5/15 with the purchase, so just $.08!  If you are new to ibotta  you also earn $2 just for signing up and redeeming two offers in the first two weeks of sign up.
If you were to go to Walmart by tomorrow, you can buy the Arm and Hammer and one Capri Sun Big Pouch @ $0.88.
Redeem for the $.50 Baking soda and $1 for the Capri Sun and you will come out with a money maker.
If you are new, that will get you your $2  bonus as well for an even bigger money maker.

Walmart also has Kikkoman Teriyaki for $1.74.  Use the $1 printable combined with the $0.74 ibotta offer to get a bottle FREE!

If you are a fan of Kool Aid, you can earn $0.50 each on
Kool Aid Jammers - $1.88 at Walmart or Kroger
Kool Aid liquid _ $2.78 at Walmart
Kool Aid powder $1 at Kroger
If you buy all 3, you score an additional $1 bonus.  So, if you buy them at the above listed stores, you will end up paying $3.16 total for all 3 after ibotta, making each ~ $1.05

BUT keep in mind, there is also a May Flowers bonus that gives you a bonus of $2 when you redeem 4 offers in May.  So, if you do the Kikkoman, Arm and Hammer and Capri Sun that are all basically free, you just need 1 more item to score the $2 bonus.
If you did all 3 Kool Aid with the other 3 items your final cost after all ibotta credit would be:
(Arm and Hammer .08, Capri Sun -.12, Teriyaki -.01, Kool Aids $3.16 - $2 bonus)
or a money maker for new members since you get the $2 newbie bonus too.

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