Monday, May 13, 2013

BzzAgent - The Draftmark Tap System Review

It's product review time! Starring, BEER!

A few weeks ago my wife (aka: KatyCouponers) sends me this text: "Do you want a beer draft system?"

I nearly passed out. The answer to this question will always be "yes". Except with a 24 ft U-Haul's worth of enthusiasm.

I brew my own beer. I love my home brews. And every homebrewer's dream is to have something called a kegerator (or keezer depending on... oh you don't care). This is a diy project where you have beers on tap in your own house. It's expensive, annoys wives all over the planet, and mostly an awesome way to spend money you can't get back. I want one so bad...

So she sends me that text. It's not what I'm thinking. And it was rhetorical anyway. This puppy shows up on my doorstep about a week later.

I've used small draft systems before. I have one designed for my home brew set up. I've used the Heineken draft keg thing. I've seen, but not tried, the Miller version too. This is AB/InBev's version. I wondered what took them so long to come up with their version of the mini-draft thing as the other two have been around so long, and from what I understand, have been quite successful. Well, for whatever reason, they finally did it and it's actually pretty awesome.

What am I, a craft beer lovin' home brew dude, doing with a Budweiser product? For starters, AB/InBev, the largest brewing company in the world, owns a ton of craft breweries. And for this system, they offer up a number of decently satisfying beers for even a beer snob like me. My wife bought Bass Ale for this review.

The system is almost idiot proof. I say almost because nothing is completely idiot proof. But this is pretty close. You charge the battery like you do your phone. You pop it on the back. You open the front. You stick the tap, which comes with the refill, in it's holder. You drop the jug o' beer in and *click* it in place. Then close it. Tap yourself a cold one. And then a second. And then a third. Pace yourself! You empty it already? Got another refill? Open this sucker up, take the empty out. Repeat as often as necessary.

The beer lasts about a month after opening because it never comes into contact with air. The beer is actually inside a bag inside the bottle. The air is pumped into the in-between space like a collapsed lung. A delicious easy to drink collapsed lung.

If my instructions are not sufficient for figuring this thing out, the box, the beer, the everything is covered in steps 1-5 for easy reference. Still can't quite get it? Visit their website at for their instructional videos.

Pull the tap all the way, or you'll end up with a foamy head like this.

The jug is one gallon and comes in Budweiser, Bass Ale, Michelob Amber Bock, Shock Top Belgian White, Shock Top Wheat IPA, and most recently Goose Island Honkers Ale & Goose Island IPA. You can get about eleven 11 oz. pours for about the same price as a 12-pack. The advantages here are that you create less clutter, serve draft beer, and you'll probably be nominated for some kind of humanitarian award by your guests.

Written by Eric - in case you hadn't already figured that out
Disclosure by Stephanie - Draftmark System was provided by BzzAgent in order to review.  Refill was purchased by myself so TABC cannot shut BzzAgent down.  This whole review was written by Eric not myself and all opinions and not coerced in any way by a 3rd party.  And in my defense I have never stopped him from getting a kegerator as I actually had roommates in College that had one :P

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Juliana said...

Where did you find the refill? I am in Humble and trying this as a Buzz Agent too. Can't find refill around here and anxious to try.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Try specs, that is where I have been getting ours

Anonymous said...

HEB - Missouri City (Sienna Plantation)

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