Friday, May 10, 2013

ibotta - Free Capri Sun, Cheap Kool Aid, Great Money Maker for new users!

As a family we decided to go out to dinner tonight instead of Mother's Day to avoid the crowds(we are not fans of crowds).  Because of this I did modified shopping, but found a couple things I thought would be worth mentioning.

Newbies be sure to read the bottom of this post to see how you can earn a $2 bonus.

At Randalls the everyday price of these Capri Sun big pouch drinks is $0.89.  Right now, ibotta has a $1 back offer on 1 (through 5-13), making it a small Money Maker after ibotta   And actually, if you wait to submit on Mother's Day ANY offer you can get a bonus .25 making it a bigger money maker :D
*Note, there is a buy 2 get 1 free(up to $1) in the 4/21 Smart Source insert.  If you drink these regularly, you could get 3 for .78 after coupon and ibotta(possibly more if coupon takes off max value and you wait until Sunday to upload your receipt)

While at Kroger picking up more Green Giant Veggies(got an even better deal then I previously thought, will blog that in a bit) I noticed the Kool Aid canisters on sale for $1.  There is an ibotta offer for $0.50 back, making it just .50 after ibotta offer and sale.
*I also got an email AFTER I was at the store so I don't have the prices for these items, but there are 2 other Kool Aid offers: .50 for liquid drink mix and .50 for Kool Aid Jammers 10 pack.  If you submit all 3, you can earn a $1 bonus.

Note: There is a May bonus that earns you $2 when you redeem 4 offers in May, these two offers get you half way to that bonus, for new as well as existing users :D

Note: If you are a newbie to ibotta you can earn a Newbie bonus of $2 if you redeem 2 offers in your first two weeks of signing up.  These two offers will qualify you making a sweet money maker :D

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