Friday, June 29, 2012

HOT CVS deal on Head and Shoulders and Organix - YMMV

OH my goodness! I have been going to CVS daily to scan my card so I can get the $2 off shampoo, conditioner or styler CRT and boy did I hit a goldmine of a deal.  First, earlier in the week I used the $2 CRT to purchase these Organix conditioners on clearance for $3.49 each.
I purchased 3, using 3 $2 CRTS and had a $4 ECB.
In return, I got back a $5 ECB so a pretty HOT deal.

Well, today I went back and scanned my card and got another $2 CRT.  Having gotten my inserts this weekend(I get a free paper at my home and I have a few nice neighbors that give me the inserts out of theirs - see the coupon preview here) I also took then with me to see if I could score a decent deal on some Head and Shoulders with the bogo coupon we got!
Well, the Head and Shoulders was tagged buy 1 get 1 50% off AND it is part of the gas card deal this week.  I originally didn't see a hot enough deal to mess with the gas card deal but when I saw this, I knew it would be a decent way to restock my husband and some very expensive shampoo.

I needed to get 8 to get above $30 AFTER 50% off 2nd in the sets and needed and fully expected to get the $5.99 off for the free coupon.  This is how I THOUGHT my scenario would play out:

4 Head and Shoulders @ 5.99
4 Head and Shoulders 50% off @ $2.99
-4 @ $5.99 bogo coupons
-$2 CRT
=$9.96 oop and get $10 gas card.  (plus with the Beauty Club I earned $35.92 toward my next $50 to get a $5 ECB = ~ $3.59)

WELL my transaction did NOT go that AT ALL.
My bogo coupons took off $9.49!  When I brought it to the attention of my cashier I was informed that is what the computer told them to take off so that is what I got!!!!  I WENT NEGATIVE $4.04.

Cashier told me I had to get $4 more worth of stuff cause he couldn't pay me, WHAT!!!!
I ran and grabbed a gallon of milk and a caramel and paid $0.11 OOP and earned $10 gas card AND $1 for my green bag tag (:D)

WOO HOO!!!!!  The gas card deal is limit 5 so if you have enough coupons, you can do 4 transactions and then 1 transaction with just the .99 Palmolive and earn $50 in gas.
Even if your store does the transaction the way I thought it needed and you don't have the $2 CRT, it would cost you $11.96 each transctions and .99 for the Palmolive 
You would earn $50 gas and $143.68 toward your Beauty Club so ~ $14.36 more in ecbs

$11.96 * 4 + .99 = $48.83
-$50 - $14.36 = 
Profit of $15.53!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What paper is it that you get for free? I didn't know there was a free paper in the Houston area that have inserts on Fridays. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just wondering were the head n shoulders bogo coupon was found? I've looked online and cant seem to find it. Thank you.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, they are in tommorrows papers or todays early edition Sunday paper

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stepphanie:
I got the 8 head and shoulders, the coupon in the P&G circular deducted 9.49 each, but with the store basically having it for 2 for $8....I had 1.49X4 left in free dollars, so I got milk, M&M's and 2 things of gum , paid 12cents out of pocket and got my $10 gift card for gas....Love this deal....Dd it 4 times....Needed the gas, so have donated the Head and shoulders to the shelter for battered women....we both make out like a champ

Anonymous said...

If I do this deal do I need to bring a $4 filler of my choice? Sorry still kinda new at this.

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