Friday, June 1, 2012

Facebook Changes - And how to get me back on your newsfeed and SMART phone!

I have to admit I was rather distraught today when I was out and about and was going to post pictures on my facebook page (like I often do while shopping) and I noticed my blog page was no longer showing up on my android app!  Apparantly, there have been changes to facebook that now categorizes my blog page under ads?????  Well, ads option does not show up on my Android as a pull down choice(but of course I still get the annoying facebook ads).

Well, when I got home I was bound and determined to figure out HOW to get my blog page back on my phone as well as showing back up in my feed.  (I mean HOW can I answer your questions on my pics if I cannot access the page while mobile!)
Well if YOU too want to make sure my blog's facebook page stays on your feed as well as your phone app, it is super simple to fix.  Just do the following and you will once again be virtually shopping with me out there:

Ok, first off, go to my facebook page:

Once there find the LIKED button and move your cursor over it until you get a pulldown menu like this:
Now, to add me to your news feed on facebook, just click the Show in News Feed and you are done.
BUT if you also want me to appear in at least the android app of facebook (I am gonna have to ask a friend about Iphone since I don't have one of those to play with to find out if it is the same) you will need to do a few extra EASY steps!

You will want to select NEW list from the pic above(the KatyCouponers list will not be there for you because that is MY list, lol)
Add my page to that list and call it whatever you want (maybe blogs I follow, Stephanie is a crazy couponer, etc)  Once you do, you should start seeing your lists on your phone past your groups and friends in a section called Interests.  And there you go, you can once again travel with me to the stores and save!

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Amber said...

Great Post and thanks for figuring out how to make them show up again!

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