Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cool Cuts 4 Kids - Review and Giveaway ($25 gift card)

In the weeks leading up to my business trip, I was offered an opportunity to review Cool Cuts 4 Kids for haircuts.  At the time it was crazy hectic around here and we had just had the girls hair clipped so I was wondering how and when I would be able to get them in for a TRUE review on a haircut.
Well, here is where my 5 year old comes in! She is apparantly aspiring to be a hair dresser and on one of my shopping trips to restock the house when I returned home, she took it upon herself to CUT HER HAIR!!!!
Exihibit 1:  This was the picture daddy took right after the offense was made to her hair!

Exhibit 2: here is a pic I took of her trying to show the TRUE damage she did to BOTH sides of her hair

Needless to say, I was sad and upset she cut her own hair and I was wondering how the heck someone was going to fix this mess.  Luckily for me it seems to me the staff at Cool Cuts 4 Kids has dealt with this before.
I explained and showed the damage and begged for her not to require full bangs to fix this mess (I remember growing out my own bangs and seriously do not want my girls to suffer than hassle!)
So we have my little one super excited driving a fire truck, watching tangled and getting her hair done:

I asked for her to do as much layering as you can on a 5 year old without overdoing it
The wet results:

And later when we got home, the dry results:

I have to admit I am impressed at how well our stylist blended her hair without having to take out length in her hair in the back.  While admitted this is not the WAY I wanted to do a review, I am very pleased with the results.  I was happy the stylist at Cool Cuts 4 Kids listened to my requests, was trained to handle such a scenario and did a GREAT job in blending the hair in such a way you cannot even tell the damage the 5 year old created :D  YAY!!!
Bonus points for having toys at the salon that kept my 8 year old engaged while I bit my fingernails wondering how this whole event was going to play out :D

And now, as a bonus, Cool Cut 4 Kids has offered me a $25 gift card to give away to one of my readers!  While I hope you do not have to go to their salon for the same reasons as I, I do hope you go and get a nice Cool cut for these HOT summer months upon us!

For those wanting to get a haircut now, be sure to head here for a $5 off coupon for any service valued over $11.95.

To enter my giveaway for a $25 gift card to be used at a Cool Cuts 4 Kids location near you, please fill out the following form (form used to ensure your internet privacy, will only be viewed by myself in order to pick winner)

I would love for you to send emailed pics of your kids most recent hair cuts to katytxcouponers @ gmail . com (I promise not to publish without your consent :D)
Last entries will be accepted on June 10th by 5 pm. After this time, entries will not be valid and only entries through this form will be valid. If you are viewing this on facebook or in email. please click here to get to the blog post with the official entry form.

Disclosure: I was offered a $25 gift card to Cool Cuts 4 Kids to facilitate this review. I was also offered an additional $25 gift card to a reader of my blog.  No other compensation was received for this review and all opinions (as well as unfortunate events of 5 year olds cutting their own hair) are as always my own.

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Anonymous said...

Is 16 years old too old for Cool Cuts? I was going to take her to Nuvani's in 10 hours to get her hair trimmed after about 2 or 3 years of letting it grow out. Nuvani's is a beauty school and they charge $7 for a hair cut, which seems a lot considering you're their guinea pig while they learn to cut, but she said her friends had good cuts there.
Oh, those first 2 pictures remind me of those pictures of your same precious daughter when she spilled her chick fil a milkshake in your minivan! LOL

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Jennifer, they do have normal chairs too for haircuts so I would have probably gotten a trim while there too if I didn't have two kids to keep an eye on. They are a full service salon, so even parents can get their hair cuts there :D

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Sample question #2 is not supposed to be there, lol. Sorry about that but for the one who asked, my family flower is the Stargazer Lily

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