Wednesday, June 6, 2012

HEB Unadvertised Deals June 6th - 12th

There was not a whole lot of Yellow coupons that got me excited today so here are a few highlights that are worth the mention.

Visine B coupon for $1 off any.  It appears the going price starts at $3.62.  While this is not the FREE you can get at Walmart, if you have that $2 tearpad, .62 for Visine is not too shabby if you are like me and have serious allergy issues!
(and I am warning you ahead of time, I did not take pictures of everything this time, so you are just gonna have to trust me on some of these :D, although I do have copies of the YQ in my possession if you want pics of those :D)

Centrum ProNutrients 14ct-100 ct $3 off B coupon
While I could not find any 14 ct, the 50-60 count were in the price range of $9.97
Combine that with the $5 printable here and get them for just $1.97!!!!

There was also a Centrum Specialist 56-120 ct $3 off B coupon
Those are also priced $9.97 but there is only a $3 insert (6-3 Red Plum ) or printable available on those

If you are a fan of Cascadian Farms cereal, there is a $3 off 3 coupon, but they are priced at $3.28 each There are $1 printable coupons here, but which will bring them down to $1.28 each, decent if you buy it anyway, but still a bit pricey to me.

There is a new Enfamil Tubs or Powders 22.2-25.7 oz B coupon out for $5 off 2
Combine that with the $8 tearpad rebate (I have found this at some HEB on the baby aisle) and if you use the Gentle Ease the $5 printable(if you don't see it use zip 30033  and sort by baby) a pretty decent deal (and yes Rori, if you still need the rebate you can have mine!)
Deal idea:
2 Gentle Ease @ 22.98 (pricing at my store)
45.96 - $5 Y BQ - $10 in printables = $30.96, mail off $8 rebate on 2
$22.96, so basically 2 for the price of 1!

Garnier has come out with a new B coupon on their haircare line.  The cheapest items start at $2.98 so with B coupon and $1 printable, they will still cost ~ .98 each

There is also a Dove hair care $1 B coupon.  Cheapest item was $3.49 so $1.49 after B coupon and $1 off insert from 6/3 Red Plum.

HOT!  There is a Sally Hansen $2 B coupon off any nail enamel, Treatments, Tools, Bleaches and Depilatories(excludes hard as nail and nail polish removers)
HEB sells a 2 in 1 nail white pencil for $2.24
Use the $2 off B coupon and the $1 printable here to get paid .76 each to buy them :D OR

The cheapest bleach product is $4.57. Use the $2 B coupon and $2 wax printable to get it for just .57

If you still have any of your $1 off Wet n Wild product inserts from 5/13 Red Plum insert, now is the time to pull those out.  The $1 off 2 B coupon is back, creating overage on the less than $1.50 items :D

Jergens has a new $1.50 B coupon, but they got a bit smarted and are now not only excluding the 1 oz, but also the 3 oz.  Add that to the fact that there are no mainstream manufacturer coupons right now for plain Jergens lotion and it is a luke warm deal as selling price for the lowest qualifying lotion is $2.98 so half price with B coupon.

Can't seem to find where I placed this one at the moment, but there is a Fast Fixins frozen food coupon for $1 off that is a B.  It lists the different participating varieties but I am beginning to think I might have left it at work.  If I recall,  I wrote the price of $3.98 on the coupon.  So take the $1 B coupon and this $1 printable and get them for just $1.98.  Be sure to save the upcs as Fast Fixins has a loyalty program that will send you free coupons for each 10 UPCS (you don't have to submit dated receipts to you can just keep the upcs until you get to 10!)

The only other coupons I saw of note might help with the P&G catalina deal:

$1 B coupon on any Cover Girl or Cover Girl Queen product.
Combine with $1 insert to bring your out of pocket cost down

Buy any Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor get free Gillette Fusion Shave gel free (M coupon)
Razors were 9.74 and shave gel is 3.94
There is a bogo Gillette mens razor wyb cartridge manufacturer coupon that you might be able to stack with this one.
(I have to admit I am sitting this P&G promo out because I was out of town the last time the P&G came out so I am lacking many coupons that might make this a deal!)

And for those that can, not great but I noticed a $2 off Ball Jars quart, pint or Jelly M coupon
The cheapest pack was the 4 pint jar pack for $4.97 so just $2.97 with M coupon.

Let me know if you see anything I missed!

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Rori said...

As always, thank you for taking the time to find and post about the YQs :-)

and great to know about the new Enfamil YQ, too bad I only have 1 of the Gentlease IPs left :( If I haven't lost my receipt, I'm good for the rebate, but I have receipts everywhere, doh. Either way, thanks for thinking of me :-)

savy07 said...

I found $1 off mq for jergens Lotion. Heb had it on a display case and had coupons there and had the Heb coupons on the same display. So $2.98 - $1 mq - $1.50 Heb coupon = 48 cents for a 10 oz bottle!!!! Super excited!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Centrum ProNutrients IP $5 and other coupons don't scan at HEB, then managers say they don't accept them. What can I do to use the coupons?

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