Friday, June 1, 2012

FREE Visine at Walmart!

 I stopped into Walmart today hoping to get the rest of my SunDrop soda with price match, but they were sold out.  While there, I walked around to see if I could find any hidden gems and I stumbled upon this display of small bottles and boxes of misc. health and beauty products.
Well, I noticed the Visine for just $1.97.  While most the insert coupons are VERY specific to a certain variety (NOT THIS ONE) there IS a current coupon that works perfect for this box:
There are tearpads at just about every CVS and Walgreens I have been to for $2 off ANY Visine Product.  That will DO!  Coupon does state limit of 4 like per transaction.  FREE VISINE YAY!
*This is .28 oz so the printable from Healthy Essentials website will not work on this bottle.

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Rose Cortez said...

Yay! Found some! And I'm in dire need of Visine right now! Allergies are bad right now and my eyes are suffering! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Where in your Wal Mart did you find this display? I went in my fav WAl Mart, looked all over, even asked some night stockers if they'd seen it, and just couldn't find any such display anywhere. Was it near the area that Visine is usually?

Oh, and I had no trouble finding the Visine tearpad at the first Walgreens I went to!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, I found the display near the health and beauty products. It was in the main aisle.

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