Monday, September 2, 2013

Randalls - WOW oh WOW ibotta combined with in store cats = FREE STUFF!

First, I would like to preface this with I had NO clue there was a Kimberly Clarke catalina offer and I honestly have NO clue how I earned it! (I am thinking perhaps Randalls is a participating store on the buy $30 get $10 cat from Kimberly Clarke products being advertised at other stores- if that is the case, I spent $41.38 on participating products which is well over the threshold)

Ok, I spent an out of pocket of $56.12 but after analyzing my receipt it appears my cereal did not ring up the loaded $5 Friday pricing and my free milk did not come off for buying 4 participating cereals from GM so I need to go back to the store and get a refund of $6.81.
I earned a $10 cat for the store promo buy $75 get $10 (in my experience these are calculated AFTER all Randall's discounts but before manufacturer discounts)
$10 cat for the Kimberly Clark purchase (I already mentioned that)
$1 off my next purchase using Discover Card (for using my Discover card :D)
10 bonus boxtops for education for my school :D
and should earn $34.75 in ibotta offers and bonus offers AND $1 from Upromise
That would make my final tally (if everything goes as planned):
$56.12 - 6.81 refund - $10 oynso cat - $10 oynso cat - $1 oynso cat - $1 upromise - $34.75 ibotta = Profit of $7.44

Here is how my transaction played out (I promise to do my best not to confuse but with all the bonus ibotta's it might get a little confusing):

Not ibotta related(these were just to get my total over $75 to earn the $10 oynso they are promoting this week, I was also given a $15 off your $75 purchase from my awesome friend Maya, so I had to actually get my total over $90 to account for that coupon- there is also a $5 off $50 you can print here after earning FREE points to print this coupon.
6 Freschetta pizzas $3.99 after in ad coupon and J4U loadable (limit is 3 so I made sure to load the coupon as well as clip so I could get the limit twice, or 6 in one transaction)
-2 $3/2 printables NLA (no longer available)
-2 $1 printables
= $2.66 each after coupon(not pictured because I was too lazy to pull out of my deep freezer)

3 Bic Pens $0.99 each
-$1 coupons from 8/4 Smart Source insert
Free after coupon

Cheez it $2
-$0.33 in Sunday ad coupon for $1.67 Cheez its
-$2 free homemailer (signed up on safeway facebook a while back for this)
Profit of .33

2 Mentos gum $1
Use $1 coupon from 8/4 Smart Source insert
Free after coupons

Yakisoba .99
Use .50 coupon from 8/25 Smart Source insert
Free after first coupon doubles

Clif Mojo Bar $.99
Use .50 coupon from 8/18 Smart Source insert
Free after first coupon doubles

Heinz ketchup $1
Use $.50 coupon from 8/25 Red Plum insert
Free after first coupon doubles

Strawberries $1.68 personalized pricing (1.99 for non personalized)
Use $0.50 printable from filling out surveys from previous berry purchases
$0.68 after first coupon doubles

Red Roma tomatoes .71 (no special savings I just needed tomatoes

Starbucks iced coffee $1.50
Use $1 loadable J4U
Earn $1 back from Upromise
Profit of .50 after Upromise reimburse

2 King's Hawaiian rolls $3.29 each
Use free homemailers (these auto'd 3.49)
Also got ..66 off each for my 20% off bread or buns
Profit of .86 each (I got these for buying stale buns at walmart before best buy date and writing the manuf)
-not pictured because I mixed those bags with my walmart price matching bags, sorry

Not part of ibotta but part of sales that end tonight(again to help me get over $90 as stated above):

4 Honey Nut Cheerios $1.67 each (these were supposed to be 1.67 for loadable Friday prices but I will have to dispute as they rang $2.50 on my receipt)
-3 $1 printables (need 2 computers)
-.50 printable
$0.67 each after .50 coupon doubles

Promised Land Milk $3.49
Get free gallon of milk or half gallon organic with purchase of 4 cereals
*this did not come off like it should so I will dispute with Randalls
(this expires 9/3)

ibotta mess:
U by Kotex $4.49
Use $1.50 printable
Redeem .75 ibotta offer
$2.24 after coupon and ibotta offer

#Scott bath tissue(at least 8 pk+ - i bought 12 pack double rolls) $8.99
Use $1 coupon from 8/11 Smart Source insert coupon
Redeem .75 ibotta offer
$7.24 after coupon and ibotta offer

Scott natural wipes $2.49
Use .50 coupon from 8/11 Smart Source insert
$1.49 after first coupon doubles

#Viva Paper towels (at least 6 pack+, I bought 6 pack) $9.29
Use $1 printable
Redeem .75 ibotta offer
$7.54 after ibotta and coupon

%*Softsoap liquid hand soap, 8.5 oz+ $2.99
Use .35 printable
1.94 after coupon triples

%*Kleenex hand towels $2.50
Use $0.50 printable
$1.50 after coupon doubles

%if bought together save another $1.50 so .75 each
making soft soap $1.19 and Kleenex hand towels .75

&*Colgate Total Advance Whitening toothpaste. 5.8 oz+, $3.49
Use .75 printable
$2.74 after coupon

&*Colgate 360 Optic White Toothbrush $3.49
Use .50 in ad coupon
$2.99 after coupon

&*Kleenex Facial Tissues, 72 count+ $1.49 personalized pricing($2.09 for non personalized)

*$3 bonus if buy 2 combos together so dividing up evenly assuming you got first rewards
makes softsoap .59, kleenex .15

&if bought together save another $3 so $1 each
making toothpaste $1.74, toothbrush $1.99 and Kleenex $.49

*$3 bonus if buy 2 combos together so dividing up evenly assuming you got first rewards
makes softsoap .59, kleenex .15, Colgate toothpaste $1.14, toothbrush $1.39, Kleenex -.11

+#Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 double rolls $9.49
Use .50 coupon from 8/11 Smart Source insert
$8.49 after coupon

+Cottonelle Wipes $2.49
Use .50 coupon from 8/11 Smart Source insert
$1.49 after ibotta and first coupon doubles

+if bought together save another $1 so .50 each
making bath tissue $7.99 and wipes .99

#if bought together save another $3, assuming all previous discounts, make each the following:
Scott bath tissue $6.49, Viva paper towels $6.79, cottonelle bath tissue $7.74 and cottonelle wipes $0.74

**Since I already did the Huggies Wipes and Huggies diapers (in a previous post) yesterday and I did the Poise today at Kroger for $2.99 less $1 printable, I have the 10 qualifying items to get the $20 bonus AND the $5 bonus from doing 2 offers in 2 days.

@In the beginning of my post I don't account for the $5 bonus or the Poise or the offers for Pampers sinces those were in a separate transaction.  I will look for those receipts to get my final tally but I have to save if it isn't in the positive it is pretty darn close :D

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cjfaust said...

wow! I might also go to Safeway to do the Ibotta deals. Do you know when the Kimberly Clark catalina deal ends?

Stephanie Jensen said...

unfortunately I have NO clue, have not read about it anywhere

Stephanie Jensen said...

bad news guys, I just got off the phone with catalina and the kimberly clark ended yesterday. My husband laughed and said, see if ppl were just you with your dumb luck, lol

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it took for you to receive your money on your Ibotta account for the big trip. I submitted my receipt last night and its still pending, and today I went and got the huggies and wipes and I submitted the receipt like 2 hours ago and within an hour I got my credit in my acct. Im wondering why they are taking long to credit me for my first trip.

Stephanie Jensen said...

I really think they are overwhelmed by the response and so it is taking a bit longer to weed through the holiday weekend receipts.
I submitted mine Saturday and just today have been slowly getting the credits. They do state it can take up to 48 hours so as long as you see receipt pending in your activity section, you should be fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I got my money credited to my Ibotta account this morning! Now I have $52 in my acct!! Thanks for all you do!

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