Sunday, September 29, 2013

Better than free Barilla pasta sauce for some at Randalls (cheap for others)

Today we got a new $1 off coupon for Barilla pasta sauce.  This makes the pasta sauce a money maker for some or really really cheap for others, depending upon your J4U offers.
If you don't have 3 $1 off coupons, there is a $0.75 printable here.

First, all should have a $1.49 Barilla pasta sauce 24 oz, limit 1 listed under the coupon section in J4U, load that one to your card.

Then, some of you might have a 10% off any pasta sauce, load that one to your card as well.

And finally, there is a catalina offer through October 6th that gives you a $2 oynso catalina for buying 3 Barilla sauces in a single transaction.

For those with the 10% offer, your first transaction will look like this:
1 Barilla pasta $1.49
2 Barilla pasta $1.99
-.60 J4U 10% savings (10% comes off the 1.99 even for the 1 that you get pp of 1.49)
-3 $1 coupons from today Smart Source insert
=$1.77* and earn $2 oynso making this a $0.23 money maker

Just $.37 for 3 after your first transaction(or .12 if the coupons keep taking off tax)
*I did this transaction today and I actually only paid $1.62 because it appears the Barilla coupons are taking off tax but the pasta sauce is not taxable!

For those that do not have the 10% off, you can still get a good deal
1 Barilla pasta $1.49
2 Barilla pasta $1.99
-3 $1 coupons from today Smart Source insert
=$2.47 and earn $2 oynso making it $0.47 for 3 pasta sauces!

After you use the $1.49 on your card, your total on future transactions will be $2.97 so $0.97 for 3 sauces.

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