Saturday, September 7, 2013

Randalls keeping me busy! - Descent Classico Pasta Sauce Deal

I gotta say Randalls has been keeping me super busy these days.  Today I went back to Randalls to see if I missed anything and to get some prices for a few other items.  I had all my print outs from Upromise, J4U, and Coupon Network.  I figured out this deal at the store

There are a few Classico deals that overlap to give you a pretty decent deal on this pasta sauce:

There is a current cat deal going (through 9/8)
Buy 3 get $2 
Buy 4 get $3

There is a Upromise offer as well
Buy $15 or more on Classico, earn $5 in your Upromise account

You might also have a 10% off any pasta sauce in your J4U Randalls account (I do :D)

Classico Pasta 2.79 each
Buy 3 = $8.37 - 10% J4U = 7.53 - $1/3 ip or in tomorrow's paper = 6.53, earn 2 cat

Second Transaction
Classico Pasta 2.79 each
Buy 3 = $8.37 - 10% J4U = 7.53 - $1/3 ip = 6.53, earn 2 cat(you can use the cat from trans #1 and still get another)

=13.06 - $4 earned in cats - $5 earned for buying $15 Upromise = $4.06
$4.06/6 jars = .68 a jar for Classico Pasta sauce

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