Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Android App that Rewards you - Locket

On August 12th I was told about a new app for Android called Locket (sorry I cannot recall who told me now).  Once you install this app, you need to disable your current unlock screen and locket will replace it.  Before locket was installed on my phone I just needed to swipe the screen to unlock it, now I still swipe but have to swipe just at the bottom of the screen where it has the blue circle.

Locket replaces your wallpaper with rotating ads (high resolution ads) and when you unlock your phone you can earn 1c per swipe*.  They estimate that the standard smartphone user swipes 150 times a day so why not get paid to do it?

Before I had locket I just had one of the default wallpapers on my screen so I thought what the heck, let me test it out.  As of today, I have banked $9.47.  So ~.36 a day.  While this app is not gonna make me rich, it rewards me for something I am already doing.  Currently you can't cash out until you reach $10 so at least a month possibly month and a half and you can cash out.

They also have an earn more section where you can fill out surveys, install other apps or sign up for different clubs or services to earn more cash.  (personally these don't appeal to me)

This app is currently only available for the android platform so if you want to give it a shot, check it out here.

*you will not get paid for every swipe as they use an algorithm to determine the pay out.  Some reviews I have read claim there is a .03 max payout an hour.  Also locket claims the reward loyal users with random bonuses(no clue how they determine if your loyal and what the payout is.

My personal opinion about this app: It doesn't require any extra work on my part and it is rewarding me for something I am already doing. No I don't sit around just unlocking my phone to get paid, but if they want to pay me for when I am unlocking my phone, why not.  It has not changed my behavior at all so I don't mind getting a little pocket change in the process.

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