Monday, September 16, 2013

Gerber Graduates - Better than free at Kroger - ends Tuesday!

Gerber Graduates 2+ varieties are on mega at Kroger right now (thru Tuesday Sept 17th).  In addition there is a catalina offer going right now, buy 5 get $2 oynso, buy 7 get $3 oynso or buy 10 get $4 oynso.
And for the trifecta we got $1/2 Gerber coupons in the 9/9 Red Plum, put this all together for an awesome deal!

If you want easy buy 5 or 10 since that is how many items you need to get mega pricing:

Scenario #1:
Buy 5 @ $.50 = $2.50
Use 2 $1/2 coupons = $0.50
Earn $2 oynso
Profit of $1.50

Scenario #2:
Buy 10 @ $.50 = $5.00
Use 5 $1/2 coupons = FREE
Earn $4 oynso
Profit of $4.00
*$2 profit if your store has 3 like coupon limit

*Be sure to look at some of the other Gerber Graduates 2+, I found some Dippers on closeout for $1.20.
Took $1 off for mega making them $0.20 and then used $1/2 coupons for a profit even BEFORE the catalina :D  Closeout prices can vary greatly by store.
*If you don't have coupons, the best scenario is the 7 Gerbers, if you can throw in 3 other mega items that are free(1 Gillette pro fusion with loadable, 1 Old Spice shave gel with loadable and 1 Gillette fusion with $2 insert) you will pay $3.50 and get $3 back making your cost for 7 $0.50 or $0.07 each.  The 5 and 10 scenario without coupons cost $.10 each

Also, when I purchased one of the above pictured items, it has a try me free rebate I can mail in.  They "should" pay the $1.50 amount since that is original ring up price :D
If you don't need the items you can consider donating.

Thanks Kimberly!

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