Thursday, June 13, 2013

New SavingStar/Upromise Offers

Just logged into my Upromise account and noticed two new loadables.  1 for Pompeian oils and 1 for Starkist Selects.  You can earn on your Saving Star or Upromise depending on which you choose to load to first.  I try to load all these to my Upromise so I have 3 stores to choose from rather than just 2.

Upromise  has been around for a long time and is managed by the folks of Saving Star but then they branched out and started Saving Star.  What is interesting is many of the coupons are the same offerings on both platforms, but only Kroger and CVS have signed on with Saving Star.  With Upromise, you purchases can be done at Kroger, CVS OR Randalls, making a better chance of actually finding a great deal.
Well, up until now, Upromise has not offered the one or many offers like the Little Debbie above, but tonight it appears that has changed, woo hoo!

So, either load to Upromise or Saving Star these offers, but keep in mind, the savings are the same at both, but with Upromise, you have one more store to play with :D

Don't know much about either program, see my detailed post here.

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Kathryn K said...

thanks for the info. i haven't been on upromise site for 2 years. i didn't know SavingsStar was theirs.

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