Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Who wants cheap toilet paper? Charmin deal at Randalls

WOW do I have a HOT toilet paper deal for you.  While walking Randalls today at lunch I snapped various pictures of things I thought might be blog worthy and this one so qualifies.

This week, Randalls has a promo, buy 2 or more select products get $6 off instantly.  Included in this sale is this 30 count double roll Charmin Ultra Soft bath tissue.  After promo, it is $10.99 per pack.  Here is how to make it even HOTTER.
(first for my personal calculations, I multiply double rolls by 2 and triple rolls by 3 to get a single roll price to compare, so for this, each is 60 rolls)

Before you go shopping, be sure to clip 1 Charmin .25 coupon from the last P&G insert.
Then, log into your J4U and load the $1 Charmin coupon
While you are in your J4U look to see if you have a 10% off bath tissue (I don't but I know lots of people that do)
Load the $1 Upromise coupon(this one might not count because it says mega roll but doesn't hurt to try!)

Ok, now you are ready to shop
Buy 2 of these Charmin packs @$10.99 each = $21.98
-$1 loadable
-$.75 insert (.25 coupon triples, only first like)
=$20.23 oop at register
Dividing by 120 rolls that already brings you down to .168 a roll but WAIT we are NOT done!

You might also want to check your endorse account.  I know I got my preshopping weekly quiz today and they asked about toilet paper, so I am assuming it will be 10% reimburse.  They reimburse after coupons so
20.23 x .1 = $2.02 $2 back potentially
Now your final cost is $18.23 ($17.23 if the Upromise works) bringing this down to $.15 a roll($0.14 if Upromise)

*For those of you with the 10% off, if it only takes off for 1 package your math is like this
$20.88 - 1.75 in coupons = 19.13 at register/120 = .159
after endorse = 19.13 -1.91 = $17.22  so ~ .14
if it takes off from sale pricing before promo 18.83 ,  16.95 after endorse

If it takes off for both, here is your math
$19.78 - 1.75 in coupons = 18.03 at register/120 = .15 roll
after endorse = 18.03 - 1.98 = $16.05  so ~ .13

if it takes off from sale pricing before promo 16.63 ,  14.97 after endorse

These are my stock up prices!!!!
*You might considering waiting until Friday for your purchase as that is the first of 3 days of buy $75 in a single shopping trip, get $10 catalina back.
AND you can consider the $5/50 Randalls Recyclebank coupon (the transactions in my head are making me dizzy now!)
Thanks Amy for asking me to find you a toilet paper deal, you got my brain working again :D

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kelly hearn said...

what? no iBotta? HAHAHA This is great and I just signed up for endorse and upromise (although I really thought I already had an acct for that).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I did this deal yesterday. I didnt wait until today because I had a $5 off $30 purchase. At first I was confused because I only saw the 24 double rolls marked. Then I realized you had posted the picture of the bonus packages and sure enough I saw them hidden on the top shelf. My final price was $17.43 for two. I got the J4U personalized discount of $2.80 but this is more than the 10% my card shows for toilet paper so not sure why the extra discount of $0.60. I used the 1 J4U mfr ecpn ($1.00), and the $0.25 coupon that tripled ($0.75). So $17.43 paid and then submitted to Endorse this morning for 10% more. Yea! Thanks again.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, I can solve your mystery on the 10%. My friend reminded me the 10% would come off the originally ring up sale price not the after $6 off promo price so 13.99 x .10 x 2 = 2.80 :D

I went and did my run this morning before work (good thing Randalls opens at 6 am :P )

Stephanie Jensen said...

Kelly, I thought the same thing, lol I want ibotta offer too :P

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