Friday, April 12, 2013

Free 50GB of Online Storage (Windows only right now)

*I have to admit my husband found this gem of a deal
For all you dropbox junkies, there is a new kid in town.  Fresh out of limited beta Tresorit BEGS hackers to break their security.  So much, they are offering up $10,000 if you can.

For all you non-hackers that just want extra storage space for free, keep reading.
For the regular reader that just goes directly to the tresorit site, you get the standard 5 GB of free space.
But, if you go through this special link* you can get 50 GB of free space.  Just note, you only have until May 20th to take advantage of this offer.

To read more about this offer, please go here.

*Upon clicking the special link, it will begin the download!

Thanks to Lifehacker ( and my hubs for informing) for this promotion.  Special link provided through Lifehacker.

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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