Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kroger - hmm you think they are worried!

I had the opportunity to get a store tour tonight of the new Sprouts opening in Cypress first thing tomorrow morning (22506 Tomball Parkway).  Afterward, I visited a friend that lived in the area and she was more than happy to show me her ads she got in the mail today.  Her Kroger ad was wrapped in this one page ad with the front clearly posted in the picture and the back showed THEIR in store organic line.  Hmm makes you wonder if they are worried about the new Sprouts.

Oh, and 4 things I was told at Sprouts that I was reallt excited about and stuck with me!
1. They have NO night stockers.  All stocking is done during normal business hours so the employees are available to answer customer question

2. They make a point NOT to number their aisles so when you ask where an item is, they will take you to the item rather than make you hunt and find it yourself.

3. The whole center of the store is low profile meaning no high shelves for employees (or your kids, lol) to hide behind and

4. Most of their produce is not refrigerated or cold on the sales floor because it is geared like a farmers market and product moves so quickly.  They want you to shop like it is a farmers market, making your fresh fruit and veggie purchases throughout the week so you have the freshest product.

Kroger is gonna have to do a whole lot more than CLAIM to have customer service to compete for my grocery dollar now.

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GlennJ said...

Interesting... the ad reminded me of what happened when Sprouts opened in my area. Kroger sent out home mailers to ALL their customers in the area (those that had registered shopper's cards) that touted their organic/produce selection and had 10% off organic food store coupons. The Qs were nice in that they could be scanned multiple times so that you got 10% off ALL your organic purchases, but really couldn't compete with the Sprouts opening week specials. It did make for some nice deals when combined with manufacturer Qs though.

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