Thursday, April 11, 2013

ibotta Upgrade - New members get $2 Bonus just to start!

ibotta  just got a lot more interesting!
ibotta is a mobile app currently for iphones and androids that pays you cash back for purchasing select offers listed.

I have my ibotta 101 post here but things have changed up a bit(will have to update the 101).  Some new exciting features are as follows:
*New users that redeem 2 offers within 2 weeks of joining will earn and $2 bonus
*New friend bonuses.  As you get more friends to join, you earn more bonus cash
*On top of the regular offers that are live for all participating retailers, there will be exclusive bonus offers available at select stores like Walmart and Target exclusive offers

So in a nutshell, a little has changed but all for the better.  You will still have the various products available at all participating retailers but you earn extra bonuses so why not join?

It is super easy and just Tuesday I purchased some Capri Sun for $0.79 after coupon and submitted for $1 back from ibotta. They actually approved that purchase in the span of about 5 minutes! WOW! (can take up to 24 hours to receive credit)  I LOVE that you can still use coupons on your purchase and you earn the full value of the offer once you complete the mini tasks: taking a 1 question quiz, sharing on facebook, tweeting, learning a fact or watching a short video.  What is even better is that right now there are many offers that are free (or better with current offers available) For example:

*Kool Aid burst 6 packs, earn $1
currently these are on sale at Kroger, Seller Bros and Food Town for $1 or less.  While Seller Bros and Food Town are not current participating retailers, if you do a price match at Walmart, they ARE a participating retailer and you can earn your $1 :D

*Kettle Chips is offering $1 or $.50 offer
These are on the Kroger mega event for $1.99.  Print the $1 coupon (found in my Kroger matchup post)
Purchase 1 bag and final cost will only be .49 or free depending on the current offer you have :D

*Mio liquid water enhancer offering $1
These are on mega at Kroger for $2.99. Combine the ibotta with the $1 tearpad coupons and get 1 for just .99

Once you earn $5 you can cash out your account via Paypal or donate the proceeds to Schools or the United Way.

There are currently about 40 participating retailers so it is super easy to find a store near you.
Sign up for ibotta and earn FREE money :D

Some notes:

  • When capturing an image of the receipt, you must capture to WHOLE receipt so if you are not trying to reach a threshold limit for other offers (ie buying at CVS with a $10/50 or trying to get to $75 at Randalls for the $10 back cat promos) I suggest you ring up your ibotta purchases separately.  While you are allowed to take multiple captures for each submission, it might take them longer to go through a 5 image receipt as opposed to a 1 image receipt.  Also, easier on you to just have to capture one clear image.
  • I suggest you submit your receipts as soon as you possibly can (I did mine in the car upon purchasing the items)  I have a few reasons for this.
    • you might misplace the item or consume and toss but you need the upc image to get credit
    • once they approve your submission, they replace it with a new offer.  In my history thus far, they replace it with something similar so if that item is on sale, I still have time to go back and take advantage of that sale (ex: I had an offer for Special K Oat and Honey I redeemed.  once approved they replaced with Special K Chocolatey Delight.  Since they are both on the same promo on sale, I can now go get that one free too :D)
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