Friday, April 26, 2013

Chick Fil A - Adding 3 new AWESOME salads - oh and a giveaway too.....

While I have had no tumbling training, I imagined myself doing back handsprings when I watched the video showing the new salad line up at Chick Fil A.  I am already in love with that place, including their Southwest Chargrilled Chicken Salad and now I get this news!
OMG! That Grilled Market Salad looks yummy!!!! (Well all of them look yummy to me to be honest)
April 29th Chick fil A restaurants are getting a makeover. Three new salads in their line up, one improved Chicken Cool Wrap and a new menu boards nationally with calorie counts added.  There is also an online meal calculator, in-restaurant nutrition pamplets and even nutrional information printed from the register upon request.  I love that they are making it so simple to have all this info for those apps that might not be caught up and updated with all this info.

I have to admit, my husband has a horrible late night on April 28th and I know he will have zero interest in getting up with me at 5:30 am to make my lunch so lucky me, I have an excuse to try one of these new salads right off.  And lucky me, he doesn't always read the blog so I can even play it up that it is a hardship that I have to go out to eat, lol (don't tell on me! I want to try that Grilled Market Salad!)

So now for the goodies for you guys!  How about a chance to try ALL 3 new salads for FREE????
I have been given 5 digital cards for a free salad(of your choice) each month from May-July!
That is 3 salads for each card.  You can choose 3 different or all the same, it doesn't matter.  The card doesn't care.  You get one free in May, one free in June and one free in July, regardless of the variety of salad you pick!

I am giving away 4 on this post and I will give the 5th away as a surprise giveaway that I will decide soon.

So, to get an entry in this giveaway, here are your rules*
*I have been lenient before on rules but if you don't answer all 3  both questions your entry will be void and not published(you don't have to answer all 3 both correct, but I will void any entries that don't attempt to answer all 3 both)
Also, if you have no identifying marks on your comment, it will not be published- ie if you post as anon, please sign with a name so I can identify you from others( I don't discourage anon posts as I know you don't want to sign up for every little thing but please sign with a first name and last initial otherwise you are truly anon and anyone could claim your prize hence the reason I kick those out!:

1. 1 entry per person (please don't cheat, no one likes cheaters :D)
Now the questions!
2. Watch the video and let me know what salad you would be interested in trying first
3. Who founded Chick Fil A?

Disclosure: I was given 5 cards for 3 free salads each of which I will be giving away.  I received no other compensation for this post and no requests were made to requirements of entry or otherwise, all opinions and entry requests are my own and not requests of any 3rd party. I honestly truly have always loved Chick Fil A and am sad on Sundays because of their closures (but respect their reasons for doing so).

Good luck and I am jealous of you all :D
Entries close at 5 ish on May 3rd.

*one more note, you HAVE to post to this post, not facebook, not my email, not text message, well you get it.  post here to be considered and no just knowing me in real life does not mean anything, free Chick Fil A is serious business!
**Rosanna won a bonus entry for noting my first bullet point was not a question (see what happens when I blog while in charge of my kids, lol)

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Anonymous said...

1. Wasn't a question...?
2. Definitely Asian salad!!
3. I actually know this one- Truett Cathy!

Rosanna said...

Ugh! Previous anon comment was me, Rosanna!

Merritt G said...

1) just 1 entry!
2) cobb salad!!!
3)S. Truett Cathy

Anonymous said...

1 (or 2): market salad - I like grilled chicken
2 (or 3): S. Truett Cathy!


cynthia said...

1. Grilled Market Salad
2. Truett Cathy

Stephanie said...

1. Only one entry
2. Market salad
3. Truett Cathy

GlennJ said...

2. The Cobb salad (they all sound good, but the Cobb's avocado-lime dressing is something I haven't had before)

3. S. Truett Cathy

Mary said...

The Asian Salad!

S. Truett Cathy in 1946 :)

tracyshay said...

Grilled market salad looks awesome truitt cathy founder
Tracy r

Kyle and Ali said...

1. I'm honestly really sad they won't have the Southwest Chagrilled Salad anymore but I agree, that market one does look promising! S. Truett Cathy is the CFA head guy. ;)

Katie said...

2. Grilled Market Salad
3. Samuel Truett Cathy

Thank you for the giveaway!

H Tran said...

2.) The cobb salad looks the bomb dot com.
3.) Samuel Truett Cathy! Honestly, did not know that and had to google it :P But glad I know now!

brenda said...

2. I would love to try the new grilled market salad!

3.S. Truett Cathy

Patricia Moreno said...

I have never had a Cobb salad before, so I would definitely be trying that one as well.

Samuel Truett Cathy is the founder.

Anonymous said...

1. I'm only submitting 1 entry
2. I'd love to try the Cobb Salad
3. The founder, Mr. Cathy is 92 years old
Mercedes V.

kellyhearn said...

1: Kelly
2:Cobb Salad (no asian salad for this asian)
3:Truett Cathy

Anonymous said...

2. They all look great to me, I'll most likely try the Grilled chicken salad first.

3. S. Truett Cathy

Casey G.

adria garza said...

1... Yea NOBODY likes a cheater!!!
2. they look really good minus the fruit and nuts( not in my salad).. so i would have to say the COBB salad I can't wait to try but do wanna try the asian since it is oranges and can give to the
3. S. Truett Cathy ( just learned that)

Katie said...

1. I would love to try to Grilled Market Salad first (they all sound delicious though!)
2. Truett Cathy

JB said...

1) Only 1 entry
2) Hmm, might be hard to decide between the Grilled Market and the Cobb Salad but I think I'll go with the Grilled Market!
3)S. Truett Cathy

Anonymous said...

2. I would like to try the Asian Salad!
3. S. Truett Cathy

Geri M.

Kari c said...

1. Grilled market salad
2. Samuel truett Cathy

RutgersKittyn said...

1. Cobb salad looks yummy!
2. S. Truett Cathy

Notyourordinarymrs said...

1- Grilled Market Salad
2- Truett Cathy
3- I posted to your blog- thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

1. Market Salad: Sounds yummy and filling.

2. S. Truett Cathy (new fact of the day for me :))

Anna K

sshallenbu said...

1. I would like to try the Cobb first
2. Truett Cathy

annemarie said...

I would love to try the Cobb salad (answer 2) and Samuel Truett Cathy is answer 3. Number 1 - only one entry.

Unknown said...

1)The asian salad looks awesome!!
2)Truett cathy

Anonymous said...

1. Asain salad will probably be the first I try. (They all look really good.)

2. Truett Cathy

Brent K.

Emily B. said...

1. Thank you for the chance!!

Answers to the questions!

2. I would be interested in trying Cobb Salad first. I really like the idea of the Grilled Market Salad (especially the dressing), but it has blue cheese. ewwww.

3. S. Truett Cathy founded Chick Fil A in 1946. wow!

Mary S said...

1. Cobb salad looks awesome
2. S Truett Cathy

Laura said...

Cobb Salad
S. Truett Cathy

Anonymous said...

1.cobb salad
2. truett Cathy

Janie A. :)

Anonymous said...

1. Asian salad
2. Cathy Truett

Christina W

Erika P. said...

1. Grilled Market Salad
2. S. Truett Cathy

Anonymous said...

1. Market salad
2 S. Truet Cathy

Aracely Y.

Shelley said...

I'd love to try the market salad first.
S. Truett Cathy

Shannon said...

I want to try the Cobb salad first, but eventually all 3!

Truett Cathy founded CFA.

Tanique said...

OMG all look great!
1. N/A
2. Cobb Salad would be 1st
3. S. Truett Cathy learned that from their ad agency years ago. LOL

Thanks for the chance to win!

amy and the bad cats said...

1. they all look so delish! i'm going to go with the cobb salad, though!
2. truett cathy

Anonymous said...

Definitely the Cobb

S. Truett Cathy

Miccey P.

Esmeralda said...

1. 1 entry
2. Cobb Salad (I love Cobb Salad)
3. S. Truett Cathy

I love Chick-Fil-A and so do my children!

Shuchi said...

1. Just one entry:)
2. Grilled Market Salad
3. Truett Cathy

Susan S said...

Market salad
Truett cathy
thanks for the chance to try it free!

Anonymous said...

1. Thanks for the yummy gw

2. grilled market salad

3. S. Truett Cathy

Ashley Zufall said...

1. one entry
2. Asian Salad
3. Truett Cathy


Ashley Zufall

Manda said...

Asian Chicken
Truett Cathy

Emily S. said...

Cobb Salad!
S. Truett Cathy

Emily Smith

Susan said...

1. cobb salad
2. Truett Cathy

Jennifer said...

1. market salad
2. truett cathy

Anonymous said...

1) Looking forward to trying the Cobb Salad (I love Cobb salads).
2) Samuel Truett Cathy founded Chick-fil-a

Melissa D.

Kalona Elaine said...

here's my 1 entry :) i am all over that cobb salad, and the founder is Truett Cathy

Anonymous said...

You obviously wrote this review before the salsa were released. You didn't realize that they weren't "adding" 3 new salads, they were replacing their awesome salads with these pitiful offerings. You didn't realize the price would jump over $1 and the portion size would be smaller. And did you not notice that 2 salads contain fruit and the one without fruit had corn and bleu cheese? What about the fact that they took away the sunflower seeds and croutons? They make me sad.

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