Sunday, March 31, 2013

Some ibotta goodies free or better than

Went shopping at several stores today and decided to get some of the ibotta offers available currently.
Now I also want to tell you I did a BIG boo boo and forgot to scan one of the items in the store and now when I am trying to submit it says the offer doesn't match.  SO don't do what I did, pull up your ibotta in store and scan the item you plan on buying to confirm it is correct.

Kettle Chips are $2.49 at Kroger after the buy 5 get $5 off
I used the $1 printable here and was gonna redeem for .50 ibotta making them just .99 for the family size.  This variety apparantly does not work though so I gotta see if I can test the others scanning and do an exchange.

Also on the Buy 5 get $5 is the French's Dijon mustard
It is $1.19 after sale and just .19 after sale and the $1 coupon from 3/10 Smart Source insert
Submit for the .50 on ibotta to make .31 buying it :D

After Kroger I hopped into CVS and scanned my card.  The machine printed out a coupon for $4.99 off Clear shampoo as advertised.  They are on sale for $4.99 so free after this CRT.
I made sure to buy one of the varieties I have on my ibotta for $1.25 profit :D

Finally, while at Randalls, I grabbed a Chobani on sale for $1
Used the .30 coupon that triples making my cost .10 at register
Then I submitted for the .50 ibotta offer (expires 4/2) making a profit of .40 :D

While I was there I noticed the Ore Ida Easy Fries are .99 everyday pricing
Grabbed one of those and submitted for the $1 from ibotta getting paid .01 for buying them

I forgot to check the price of the Smucker's at Randalls, but for my variety in ibotta, the cost is $2.78 at Walmart.  With the $.75 coupon and $1 ibotta, it would cost $1.03.  I want to double check Randall's pricing before I purchase.

I hope to pick up some pricing too for the candies as I am hoping with clearance sales we might score a deal on the peeps, cadbury mini eggs, reeses eggs and Starburst Jelly beans.

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Harmony said...

The Krinkle cut Kettle is separate on Ibotta. First I got the regular offer and after I redeemed that one the Krinkle took its place, so I got that one too.

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