Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Discover Magazine - As low as $4.99 a year, for renewals as well

Oh yay!  Early June 2011, I found my husband what I felt was a SMOKIN deal on one of his favorite magazines..............Discover.  I got him a 2 year subscription for $9.99 which is AWESOME (at least in my searching for a cheap price for this!).  Well his renewal is up in June and I have been sweating, but luckily, I was just able to renew his subscription for another 2 years for $9.98!  Whoop!

Just go through Discountmag here (if you try to go through a cash back site, they will not allow the code to apply - trust me I TRIED lol).
Then all stores, then look under letter D
Type in Discover mag and click the link when you find it.
Add to your cart and add the code : 1293 at checkout
When you do, it should take a one year subscription to $4.99 or a 2 year to $9.98 :D

And they take Paypal :D
My hubs is gonna be excited to see he is not gonna miss any mags while I search for another deal (he knows I won't pay over $5 a year, lol)

Thanks SD!

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