Friday, March 29, 2013

Randalls - Cheap spices and clearance bunnies!

Alright, before I get in to the deals concerning the spices at Randalls (for some with personalized pricing, not me, it might get complicated)
I would like to mention this super cute burlap bunny.  They are in the floral department at Randalls and marked $14.99 but are ringing up 75% off NOW!  Super cool because I have been a slacker on getting stuff for the kids baskets, but sadly they were with me today(we went to a movie and then shopping) so they already know about them. I told them they can play with them today but  I need them back by Saturday night (yeah, I am just full of surprises right, lol - I suck at the surprise factor)
Anyway, they rang up just $3.75 each and my kids were so nuts over them they actually buckled them in  on the drive home(and in the car cart at the store - safety FIRST).

Ok, so on to the spice deal at Randalls.  There is a $2 loadable J4U coupon on the randalls(safeway, tom thumb website) , limit 2.  Basically it says you can save $2 off McCormick gourmet or A-Z spices. Well, they also happen to have the McCormick spices on sale for buy 2 get 1 free.  This particular loadable for $2 off happens to also be in the ad so I was hoping for a potential glitch as my husband has been pestering me for some spices (since we are trying to go full blown paleo, we are limited on variety so seasonings are very important).

So I took advantage of the fact he was with me and said, alright what the heck you need, please tell me. Right away he picked out paprika and I said great what else.  He then grabbed Cumin.  I grabbed cinnamon and he looked at me like I had 2 heads that spit sugary temptations at him(ok that is probably an exaggeration and he probably hoped I looked more like a 12 oz bock, but whatever, this is my blog, not his!)
He even argued and said, but the safeway brand is cheaper, I did NOT give him a happy look to that, lol.
I really was not sure how this whole thing was going to play out since Randalls coupons can be so weird sometimes and seem to change even before expiration.  So for me, this is how my transaction played out:

I loaded the $2 off McCormick on J4U to my card, limit 2
I loaded the .50 off McCormick cinnamon  on J4U to my card
I cut out the $2 off McCormick in ad coupon, limit 2

I purchased:
1 McCormick Cinnamon @ 1.79 after club card
1 McCormick Cumin @ $3 after club card
1 McCormick Paprika @ 2.79 after club card

Given the buy 2 get 1 price point, the register will naturally give the Cinnamon free since it is the lowest price point.
When they totaled my order before paper coupons, it showed two $2 coming off for the loadable J4U as well as the .50 McCormick for Cinnamon.  Then I handed over the $2 in ad coupon, and it took an additional $2.79 off.  I think this is what happened:

The loadables took off $2 and $2 and $.50 as they should
 Making my new totals for the 3 spices
cinnamon 1.29
cumin $1
paprika .79

When I added the in ad coupon, I thought it would take off just one more $2 since the 3rd was free but it took off 2.79 so I am assuming it is because it took of for 2 more even though I only had 3 total spices.
So it took off $2 off the cumin making it negative $1
and .79 off the paprika since I suspect it adjusted down due to already taking $2 off, making it zero.

But since the cumin went negative with the in ad coupon, my final receipt shows
0 and
1.29 for the spices making all of them just .29

This could turn into a good money maker if you still have any .75 McCormick coupons from 3/3 Red Plum insert.

Also, I have been reading of some that have personalized pricing on ALL McCormick spices that can make the super expensive stuff (can you say saffron?) cheap or even a money maker too!  Check your personalized pricing before heading out, if you have McCormick personalized pricing, consider yourself super LUCKY!

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find the 50 cents off cinnamon loadable? I don't see that one.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, it was in my coupon center and I thought it might be offered to everyone, but maybe not, hmm.

Anonymous said...

I did this today. Got 2 crushed red pepper and one oregano. Used just4u $2 coupon and in ad $2 coupon and all 3 spices rang $0.00. I didnt have any special pricing either.

One question. I see your receipt that you got the free mayo. I couldn't find it and had to return the one I thought it was. Will you give me the upc or tell me which one it is? Thank you!!!

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, the only variety of Mayo I saw was the Southwestern Ranch (UPC 48001 20800) It was on the very top shelf

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