Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shopmium - Another cash back App, Free M&M's & Lindt bar

Ok, I heard about this app and signed up last week.  I did a few offers and submitted them to see how long the process is from start to finish.

As always, I really like to try out apps myself before I post them in case they are duds or just a total waste of time.

First off I signed up under the Google Play store (also available in iTunes) or go here
After downloading the app, I entered a promo code from a buddy of mine to get a free Lindt chocolate bar offer. (you can use my code GMUMKFPN to get a free bar offer as well)
*then get your friends to sign up and when they redeem an offer you get $2 :D

Sort of similar to ibotta and Checkout 51, you purchase the items in your offer, confirm the barcode and submit a copy of your receipt to earn the listed amount.  I purchased 5 items and submitted all my receipts on Friday 2/28 and got my confirmation of rebates Wednesday 3/5.  From the FAQ they do not state how long it will take to confirm your rebate BUT it does state that they will pay you via paypal 3 business days after your rebate is confirmed, so I should get my money no later than Monday(assuming they don't count Wed) Just realized they paid me on 3/5, I got the emails from paypal(didn't realize cause different email I don't check often, lol)
 Everything worked "mostly" as expected but here was my experience:

Upon entering my receipts, the app was a little glitchy.  It wanted me to snap a picture and had an outline to fit your receipt in (similar to ibotta) BUT when it showed me the image to approve, it showed me an image of my receipt the horizontal way, instead of vertical.  Luckily, it does allow you to upload a picture from your phone rather than snapping the pic from the app, so I just snapped a picture and uploaded that one.

Now to explain the offers I did and how it behaved for me in what my rebate was:

Free Lindt offer:
Lindt chocolate bar $1.67 at Randalls
This one was straight forward on my receipt and Shopmium confirmed $1.67 rebate

Free M&Ms offer:
M&Ms offer $7.70 for 10 at Randalls
After my coupons and personalized pricing etc, this is what my receipt showed me spending on 10 packs of M&Ms
Shopmium confirmed rebate of  $0.77, which easily what they calculated as cost of one: $7.70/10

Save $0.50 Chobani:
Chobani Greek Yogurt cup $1.12 at Randalls
What I paid after J4U
Shopmium confirmed $0.50 rebate

Nutella $2 off your purchase:
2 Nutella $3.89 at Randalls after bogo coupon(I used the J4U loadable)
Shopmium confirmed $1.95 rebate
*I believe I didn't get the full $2 since they calculated my cost of 1 $3.89/2 = $1.95
I have to admit I am still really happy to get 2 Nutella for only $1.94

CLR Save $1 on your purchase
1 CLR $5.19 at Randalls
Shopmium confirmed $1 rebate
*I also redeemed the $0.75 ibotta offer on this

Overall, I don't like that it took almost a week to confirm instead of 48 hours, but I am definitely happy with the results so far :D

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you post your referral link so we can give you the benefit of telling us about this?

Stephanie Jensen said...

There is no referral link just the referral code : GMUMKFPN

GlennJ said...

Interesting that they only gave you $1.95 off. I ended up getting the full $2 even though I payed even less for my 2 jars. I used mine at Kroger with the Mega sale. Maybe because I used a paper BOGO? I also sludged through capturing my receipt w/ in-app camera rather uploading separately.

Overall, I'm not too disappointed about the week wait - still faster than SavingStar/Upromise offers that I redeem at Kroger.(Speaking of which - Free King's Hawaiian 4pack is their Friday Freebie today)

Stephanie Jensen said...

Glen if you recall the new receipts at Randalls they put all the savings underneath so make it VERY clear what you paid for each item. I would have done Kroger since the coupons all end up at the bottom but I knew Randalls would let me use my $1/1 coupon with the bogo and that one was at the bottom of my receipt, lol

I do like it and hope they rotate offers regularly, makes saving so much easier especially when coupons are decreasing in value

And now Safeway selling out makes me concerned for my Just 4 U offers :(

GlennJ said...

That had occurred to me as well, Stephanie. And so I also figured Target might yield similar results since they are much more clear as well. Note that Kroger does match their eQs and Mega discounts in line (or rather, just under) with their matching items as well.

Will be interesting to see what happens regarding the merger if they adopt Albertson's (basically just store coupons in weekly ad) or Safeway's (J4U) approach.

Also, in my neighborhood (and where I lived at in Austin) Albertson's and Tom Thumb/Randalls are/were in relatively close proximity. So I'm sure there will be some store closures, even if not directly as part of the merger. :/

Stephanie Jensen said...

Glenn all the Albies in Austin shut down years ago. HEB bought one, the rest I have not kept up with
The one in College Station as well so no overlap but I fear we are gonna lose Randalls and Albies has NEVER been a fan of the loyalty card savings. they HAD A loyalty card at one time for Upromise but there was nothing really else that made it worth having. I am such a packrat I might still have one of the keychain cards, lol
Shoot I didn't realize how many dead links I had on my blog (been so busy) doing some housekeeping lol

GlennJ said...

Well I guess it has been years (but not THAT many) since I lived in Austin. :)

And you can always borrow my Albies Club Card if you need - it fell through the cracks (figuratively and literally) when they stopped using the membership cards, so I didn't submit it for a rebate. lol
They do offer a community card that donates a percentage of your purchase to a local nonprofit of your choosing.

I could see them adopting Safeway's J4U program as it's already in place and has to cost less (in terms of operating) than all the paper-based Albertson's promos. They mostly do weekly store coupons and ticket-collecting type promos from my experience. Of course, it's also possible they make keep/integrate the J4U and just give out fewer or less attractive discounts.

On the bright side, I used to live in Lubbock, where they bought out United Supermarkets last year, but left them virtually unchanged and even sold off any Albertsons in the area.

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