Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FREE Propane!??

OMG!  My wonderful friend Mercy made me aware of this deal and I am soooo glad she did cause I sometimes (OK often lately) don't read all the sales ad.

Well, Walmart has this ad for Blue Rhino (brands CAN vary by location) propane purchase or exchange.  For those that read me you know we use charcoal for grilling BUT my husband is a home brewer so he uses propane regularly for his beer sessions.  I am ALWAYS looking for a cheap deal on propane and we have two tanks (well we DID before his dad just brought him a 100 lb propane tank *sigh) we use for exchange so he always has a full if he runs out mid brewing.

This deal was pretty darn sweet as advertised, BUT there is a coupon and a rebate to add to this.  AND then it got even BETTER!!!!! (is that even possible, especially since I sent my husband to run this deal and that doesn't usually work for us, lol)

So the basic deal if you are doing the exchange
$18.92 advertised in the Walmart ad for the week
Use $3 printable  (zip 73019 OK - this is a direct link so if you don't see it, go here, log in change your profile state to OK and the zip and then come back here and click this preclipped link to confirm coupon is still there)
Pay $15.92 at register
Earn a $10 gift card to Walmart
Redeem for the $3 rebate here 
Final price after gift card and rebate should be $2.92  BUT perhaps your store will be as awesome as the one my husband went and worked this offer.
As you can see from the receipt the exchange was ONLY $15.92 NOT the advertised $18.92 (the rest of the receipt I hid due to having the gift card number posted but he paid $12.82 after coupon, got the $10 gift card andI will mail in the $3 rebate!)

Thanks Mercy for the heads up and H2S 

For the locals you will notice he went to the Richmond store while he was out there on other business, so good luck :D

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