Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kroger - My Shopping Haul

Back by popular demand from readers emails, I am going to try and get back in the habit of posting my shopping trips. A few readers have told me they like to see what I have done so they can see the coupons in action and know what deals are good in their region.  Please be advised I do use some coupons that are not available in the mainstream(like homemailers) so these deals might not be able to be exactly duplicated.

With that, I stopped into Kroger and bought all that you see above
Here is how this played out for me:

Clorox Bleach $1.98 - $2 off any bleach, Kroger homemailer = Free

Muller Greek Yogurt $1 - Ecoupon from free Friday download = Free

Windex $3.59 - Free Windex Kroger homemailer
Submitted receipt to Checkout 51 for $0.50  = $0.50 PROFIT

4 Kellogg's Corn Pops $2 each
Simple Truth Organic milk 1/2 gal $2.79
-$2.79 coupon for purchasing 4 participating breakfast items
-2 $1 any Kelloggs cereal IP (my mom't account got the email link for $1/1 coupon)or you can buy with points
-1 $1/2 Kelloggs cereal IP (this is the link my email account got) = $5
Received $3 oynso catalina
Submitted receipt to Checkout 51 for $1.00  for 2 Corn Pops
Final price = $1 for all 5 items
*I was going to get 2 pops and 2 of another cereal but the Corn pops were marked with Superman codes. Submit 3 codes for $5 concession cash or 6 codes for a free movie ticket :D

*If you drink regular milk you can get the gal free and submit for $0.50 milk offer from ibotta 

My final total for all above was $1.78 oop (I rolled my prior $3 cat)
-$1.50 from Checkout 51
= $0.28

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