Saturday, February 23, 2013

Walgreens - $20 Money Makers with Double Dip

I had a $5 off $30 Walgreens catalina coupon that was expiring today and did not want it to go to waste.  Problem is, there were not a lot of hot register reward or points deals to get to $30 easily this week.  I also have been hoarding my points earned to use the 40,000 points threshold to gain the bonus $10 in redemption.
I took advantage of the February free after rebate items to get up high enough to turn this into a money maker.  AND I used the fact that the Artic Omega items are $10 next week(my store has already activated sale prices) to turn this into a pretty sweet run.
Here is what I did:

Natural Dentist mouth rinse $4.99
Use $2 printable (must register)
=$2.99 at register but will mail off for $5 rebate

Artic Natural Omega 3 softgels 60 ct $10
Will submit for $15 Wags rebate, ends TONIGHT

Virmax Testosterone boost 30 count $20
Will submit for $20 Wags rebate, ends TONIGHT

Jamieson Joint Care Nem 30 count $20
Will submit for $20 Wags rebate, ends TONIGHT

Used $5 off $30 catalina coupon

4 Nice N Easy hair dye clearanced @ $3.69 each
-$2 coupon from 1/27 P&G insert
$1.69 each
*I had full plans to use these for a P&G rebate but forgot I was already using the receipt for the Natural Dentist rebate, (d'oh!)

Used $4 Register reward and my 40,000 points to pay, with an additional oop of $1.07

So here is how my tally ends up
Since I count the points at the lowest cash back when earning, I consider 40,000 points equal to $40 in cost , but they apply $50 off if you use that many at once, so right away that is like getting $10 free.

So I spent $40 + $4 cat + $1.07 cash = $45.07 realized cost
I will get back :
$5 for mouth rinse
$20 for Joint care
$20 for Virmax
$15 for Omega 3
$5.50 bonus money - because I am going to have them apply the Wags rebate to a gift card for the 10% bonus
= rebates of $65.50

so $45.07 - $65.50 = Profit of $20.43 after all rebates :D

Thanks Jennifer S for the info on the $2 Natural Dentist coupon :D

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Lunibea said...

On the Artic Natural Omega 3, where do you find the $15 Wags rebate?

Stephanie Jensen said...

rebate is in the feb coupon book at the front of the store, but you can submit online at

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