Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last reminder - free membership expiring

If you signed up for free membership back in March when I posted then, you need to decide whether you choose to keep your membership and be charged the full membership fee, or whether you would rather not pay for the difference in coupon values and some offers.(Keep in mind some of you that read me might have signed up in August, so you still have time to use your free membership and I will post reminders for you when the time draws near).

I honestly don't think I have used enough of the member exclusive coupons to warrant the $3/month charge and so I personally am requesting my cancellation today so I will not be billed.  You decide what works best for you :D

If you have decided it is NOT worth $3 a month to let it automatically charge your credit card, NOW might be time to cancel your membership. 
So how do you do that?  Here are the steps
 Log in at to your Savings Club account

Click the Pull down next to your name on the right hand side and select Your Profile

Click the contact support link (hidden under your address information
Fill out the contact form to submit your cancellation request.

You will need to fill in your full name and email associated with your membership.
Listed under the pull down for "problem" you should see "I want to cancel my Savings Club account"
If you have your account number, you can enter that too (should be in the welcome email you got when you signed up).

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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