Saturday, February 16, 2013 Free Membership about to Expire - Revised Instructions

I had scheduled this post and had the instructions several months ago so I would not forget to notify my readers. Well it seems changed a bit since then so here are the revised instructions on how to cancel your membership if you so choose.

If you were reading me a year ago you might have signed up for the free 1 year membership.  Well, that was on March 8, 2012 and that date is soon approaching.  If you have decided it is NOT worth $3 a month to let it automatically charge your credit card, NOW might be time to cancel your membership.  I would definitely not wait past February 23rd to cancel.  If you have a smart phone, set yourself an alarm to cancel before that March 8th date gets here.

So how do you do that?  Here are the steps
 Log in at to your Savings Club account

Click the Pull down next to your name on the right hand side and select Your Profile

Click the contact support link (hidden under your address information
Fill out the contact form to submit your cancellation request.

You will need to fill in your full name and email associated with your membership.
Listed under the pull down for "problem" you should see "I want to cancel my Savings Club account"
If you have your account number, you can enter that too (should be in the welcome email you got when you signed up).

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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GlennJ said...

I must have signed up a bit earlier than you, Stephanie. :)

I got an email from early this morning notifying me that my free year membership would be expiring this upcoming week (the 21st). And it also made some vague references on contacting customer support if I wanted to cancel.

I'm thinking I probably will cancel. Although I have used plenty of their members-only coupons, I could only get 2 prints of any particular one, and I'm not sure my savings from them came out to $36 over the past year. Roughly estimating a 50¢ savings per Q (compared to their "regular" counterparts), I doubt I got anywhere close to using the 72 prints that would make it worth my while.

I'll let you know if they make me a counter-offer when I request cancellation!

GlennJ said...

I cancelled my membership this morning after printing off all the members-only coupons I could possibly use.

It took them less than 12 hours to process and notify me. They did ask if I could fill out a brief survey (2 questions).

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