Tuesday, January 27, 2015

HEB printables - have you forgotten!!! Wed is the last day!!!!!!!

PK you non coupon folks who taught that there are NEVER coupons for healthy stuff
Now is the time to come forward, print these coupons and use them

How can you turn down and say these coupons for veggies, fresh seafood and vitamins are JUNK!!!!!

Coupons epire tomorrow- Wed 1/28

HEB put out some pretty awesome coupons that are good until 1/28/15.

$3 off your next purchase of $8 or more in fresh vegetables from the produce department

$2 off your next purchase of $8 or more in Fresh Seafood (including oven ready)

$2 off your next purchase of vitamins

25% off your next water purification pitcher (discount up to $10)

$2 off your next purchase of $10 or more of 100 calorie pack snack

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