Friday, October 3, 2014

New Mobile/Computer Cash Back App - Snap by Groupon

There is a new mobile app out right now that pays you cash back on the grocery items you buy.  Similar to berrycart, Checkout 51, ibotta, and Shopmium, Snap by Groupon allows you to upload receipts to achieve cash back on various items.

Snap  is actually most similar to Checkout 51 as it allows you to purchase your items at ANY store and just upload a receipt and click the items you are working on redeeming but Snap ALSO always you to use on a computer like Shopmium.  Once approved the money will go into your bank and oncce you reach the minimum of $20 you can cashout the full balance of your account (to cash out, you must get to min of $20 each time).  Once requested, payment takes 2 weeks to 60 days.

*you do have to keep your account active by redeeming at least one offer every 12 months to avoid a maintenance fee of $2 a month.  This fee will continue until you redeem an offer or your account balance reaches zero in which Snap will terminate your account.

Currently they offer two kinds of offers
1. Bonus offers that might not be active for everyone
2. Regular offers that are available to all members of Snap

Each offer when clicked provides the details of the offer and how many times this offer is available for you to redeem personally.  From looking at my offers, it seems the bonus offers are most often limit 1 redemption but some of the regular offers are UNLIIMITED!!!  AND you want to be sure to check back on the offers before shopping as some of the offers can sell out once the max amount available has been redeemed (so don't procrastinate if you find a good one, as they will sell out FAST)  An example is there WAS an unlimited offer for $1 back for ANY size Huggies wipes making the trial size free with NO coupons required.  (sorry that one expired before I even joined - which is clearly marked as sold out on the list).

The general terms are just to upload your receipt within two days of purchase and claim the offers you have purchased.
Tonight I looked at my offers and I had one for $1 back on any bread purchase, (bonus offer, limit 1)  I purchased a loaf of Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread for $1 at the .99 only store and should get it free after the offer (to come a reminder about the awesomeness of the 99c only store).

Another bonus offer I currently have that new members might get as well:
$1 cash back on any gallon of milk (makes milk just $0.99 if bought from the .99 only store or aldi) or at least for me I can buy my organic at an ibotta store and combine this offer with my .25 ibotta to make it less of a hit to the budget.

An unlimited offer I see that might be decent (according to the terms an conditioners as long as the offer is not sold it, it looks like you can submit multiple receipts):
$3 Cash back on Huggies Diapers, combined with a sale and the $2.50($2 if you don't share) printable coupon, that is $5.50 offer per pack!!!!

My personal take is to sign up for all these apps and check them regularly for either an easy sweet deal or even better, an overlap of multiple apps with the same offer and turn deals into money makers!

Good luck and thanks Amy for the heads up on this new cash back app.

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GlennJ said...

I downloaded this just the other day and have a couple of extra observations that might be relevant:

There are some offers that are (only) good on products from, so you have to submit your emailed receipt. Might be useful for those who buy groceries online. Unfortunately, the website list of offerings doesn't really indicate these very well (there is a "special offer" indicator in the app version).

I've seen some offers sell out and then get "restocked" over the course of the day. I don't know if this is because the app is still "young" and they are tinkering or if this is how it is meant to operate. As an example, this morning I noticed a new offer for 25¢ of bananas which was already marked as "almost gone". I went and picked up some at the store at noon, and by that time there were no more redemptions available. Then this evening, it was marked as a bonus offer and I was able to claim it!

Finally, it doesn't look like there's any set schedule (yet) for new offers being added. I've seen lots of new ones pop up over the past couple of days.

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