Monday, August 12, 2013

Kroger - HOT Cereal, fruit snacks and shave gel sale!

Wowsers!  Time to stock up on your cereal needs for the year and the awesome think is you don't need ANY paper coupons to get this hot deal.

For those of you that are in an area where Kroger changes over their ads on Wednesday, you still have today and tomorrow for the mega sale.  Well, the large family size boxes of cereal are on mega for $1.99. (Buy 5 participating items save $5 instantly).
Well, Kroger added some HOT new loadable coupons that combined with this sale make for the perfect storm of savings!  Right now, log into your Kroger account and load the $6 off 4 participating Big G cereals.  You will notice the limit on this coupon is 5 uses in a single transaction. ( Just keep in mind this coupon is single time use so you can get 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 boxes of cereal with it but it all must be done in ONE transaction.  If you buy 4 in one transaction, you will not have the option to get 16 more boxes later with this coupon)
So $6 off 4 takes off $1.50 on each box purchased, making each box only $0.49.
I went ahead and got 20 because it is was the least common multiple for the mega sale(5) and the coupon amount(4).
Each box is 1 lb+ and the coupon lists the participating varieties.  I know between my friends and I the following all worked for this:
Lucky Charms
Cheerios (yellow box)
Honey Nut Cheerios
Multi Grain Cheerios
Cinnamon Toast Crunch

While at the Kroger site you can also load a coupon for $1 off Betty Crocker fruit snacks, limit 5.  The fruit snacks are also on mega for $1.49 so just $0.49 each.  I also should get .50 in my Upromise for having a .50/2 loaded to my card.

While, there, I went ahead and grabbed my free bag of Cheetos from loading the coupon to my card Friday.  It also counts as a mega item so I grabbed some Cover Girl Eye shadow for a bit of overage and got the Gillette Fusion for free after the $6/3 coupon we got in this Sunday's inserts.  I know some have had success getting the $1 Gillette Shave gel and getting overage with these coupons but my store I knew would not allow that so I got the nicer ones for free.  I grabbed a few ladies and the $1 ones to finish off my $0.75 coupons and get them for .24 each since my family steals all my shave gels, lol.
I got everything pictured for $11.55 and I can cross cereal off my shopping list for awhile (all boxes have 1 year until expiration)

All these deals end tomorrow night so don't take too long to go score your deals.  And remember to make sure you have multiples of 5 for the mega sale prices.


Thanks Mercy and Lauren for the heads up :D  My kids were so happy to see the Kix since it has been a LONG time since I got a deal on that.

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Carrie Gregg said...

I couldn't find the $6 off 4 Big G cereals on the Kroger site, but it's ok...I have 22 boxes of cereal that I got last week. :)

brenda said...

I logged in to my kroger account and don't see the coupon. Is the coupon gone?

Anonymous said...

I don't have the cereal coupon. I have the fruit snacks one (which I'm excited about!) but the $6 cereal one is not there. Maybe it has been taken down due to the greatness of this deal??

Jane said...

I didn't see the digital coupon on the Kroger website. Do I have to log on first? I saw other cereal brands but I didn't see the one you mentioned

jessica said...

also works on the reeses puffs :)

Anonymous said...

When did you load that cereal coupon? I cannot find it. I can only find the fruit snack one. Thanks for posting this great deal. Love your site!!!

Stephanie Jensen said...

One of my readers on facebook just posted this for those looking for the coupon to load:

I looked under promotions and clicked on the banner. Look for a special savings at the bottom of the b5s5. The cereal coupon was there. Hope this helps.

brenda said...

Thank you....I found the coupon:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stephanie! I got it.

Anonymous said...

Found it under on banner that says save big (may need to wait to see as it is a rotating banner) then click on see coupons.

Mary S said...

Yes your suggestion helped. I could not find the coupon until I followed your directions. It was a hidden coupon.
I have a question. Can we also use paper coupons on this deal or will it cause the digital coupon to not apply?

Stephanie Jensen said...

No Mary, you cannot combine ecoupons with paper coupons on the same items.

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