Monday, August 26, 2013

Chick Fil A Milkshake Giveaway - Winners Selected

I love doing yummy giveaways like this but I have to admit I wish everyone who enters could win.  Since I only have the 10 cards to giveaway, I let the random number generator pick the winning entries

In numerical order because I didn't want to count back and forward, here are the winning entries comments.  Please send me your addresses so I can start mailing out the free milkshake cards for you guys to enjoy :D
Laura said...
peppermint chocolate chip!

Erica said...
cookies and cream or Banana pudding!

Nicole said...
I love peach
Manu said...
peppermint chocolate chip all the way!!

Jeni H said...
Cookies & Creme
annemarie said...
The peach milkshake is my favorite!
 Anonymous said...
went to chick fil a to try their new mocha cookies n cream shake, when ordered, i forgot to say "mocha" so i just received a regular cookies n cream >.< it was still good. cant go wrong with regular cookies n cream.


Susan S said...
Any flavor as long as its chocolate!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Never met a milkshake I didn't like!

Jessica R S
 Anonymous said...


I will give all winners until Wednesday night to claim their prize. If they don't, new winners of unclaimed cards will be selected.


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