Sunday, July 3, 2016

Target - I needed bread

I got up this morning and just starting looking at the Target ad and some matchup scenarios with the new $10 gift card offer when you buy $50 or more in grocery/beverage and since I needed bread anyway......

So I have to warn, several of the Cartwheel offers listed expire today hence the reason I made Target my first stop.  There are so many ways to do this based on what you need, what your store has in stock and what offers you have, but here is how mine transaction broke out.
Please note the $10/50 is a mobile scannable barcode so I just had them apply that after ringing everything up, then I gave them my manuf. coupons and last I had them scan the cartwheel app, so my total for all the food BEFORE any coupons/cartwheel etc was just over $50.

4 Just Mayo (all 4 different varieties)
$2.50 sale price each
-4 x $1 IPs
-4 x $1.50 ibotta offers (4 different varieties)
Free after coupon and offer

Back to Nature Mac and Cheese $1.69
-20% Cartwheel (-$.34)
-$1 printable
$0.75 ibotta offer
Profit of $0.40 after cartwheel, coupon and offer

3 Wheat Thins $2.50 each
3 Triscuits $2.50 each
-40% Cartwheel (only takes off for 4 likes so -$4)
-2 B2G1 free coupon (-$5.38, shelf tag said these were 2.69 so when he asked that is what I gave him for price, so got a little more than I should have)

3 Ritz Crackers $2.50 each
-30% Cartwheel (-$2.25 total for all 3)
-1 B2G1 free coupon (again he gave $2.69 off on this)
$8.18 total for all 9 boxes crackers (Wheat Thins, Triscuits and Ritz)
-$2.50/2 x 4 Checkout 51 offer (limit 5) = -$10
Profit of $1.82 after cartwheel, coupon and offer
*in hindsight,  I should have gotten 10 crackers cause they were only $2.50 each and I could have redeem 1 more 2.50/2 Nabisco making them free, but in trying to confirm my $50 and working the b2g1 coupons I goofed!

Nature's Own Bread $2.54
-10% Cartwheel (-$0.26) since I needed BREAD!!!
-$0.10 earned offer from Shrink 
$2.18 after cartwheel and offer

Farm Rich snacks $5.29
-20% Cartwheel (-$1.06)
-$2 email coupon (sign up for their newsletter to get these around birthday and other times)

2 Mamma Chia Beverages $2.50 each
-30% Cartwheel (-$1.50)
-$1/2 printable
-$0.50 earned offer from Shrink
-$1 earned offer from Shrink (unlock this with tweeting, facebook and liking to earn 1000 pts)
-$0.50 ibotta offer for the green variety
$0.50 for 2 after Cartwheel, coupon and offers

Hellman's $3.29
-50% Cartwheel (-$1.64)
-$1 printable
$0.64 after Cartwheel and printable

Earned $10 gift card and all the offers already listed above for a total profit of $6.67

Not part of the above offer but needed items for a decent deal

2 Rolaids 72 count $3.89
-30% Cartwheel (-$2.34)
-$3/2 coupon from 6/5 Red Plum insert
=$2.44 after Cartwheel and coupon
*there is also a $3/2 SavingStar offer

Rolaids 3 pack $1.74
-30% Cartwheel (-$0.53)
-$0.70 coupon from 6/5 Red Plum insert
=$0.51 after Cartwheel and coupon
*there is also a $0.70 SavingStar offer

Another cheap offer to get your $50 with little to no out of pocket (my store didn't have these so I had to improvise with other things)

Chobani Mezi Dips $3.19 each
-50% Cartwheel offer (-$1.60 each)
-$1 printable
-$1 ibotta (various varieties)
Profit of $0.41 each


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