Friday, January 15, 2016

I have an audience...................

I used to post way more back in the earlier days of my blogging and then life caught up with me.  I have kids, I have work, I had a parent going through chemo.  Life happens!!!  To be honest, couponing has always been there but blogging had to take a back seat for a time so I could be there for family and life.
Well, I am trying to get friendly with my blog again and I thought if I had an audience staring at me, perhaps I would be way more motivated to work.  So now I have Sven, zombie horse and sheared sheep staring back at me as I post!

BUT, not to be outdone, my cat decided she needed to represent as well and I have to admit she stares at me quite annoyed when I put anything on THAT arm of my chair.  So with luck, this audience will help me help you save some money!

Now to post the finds of the day..................
And while I have your attention, if you would care to comment and suggest what stores or previous types of posts I used to do that you would like to see back, feel free to share!

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Anonymous said...

I love all the extreme great deals from back in the day. I don't follow or do any of the rebate or money back mobi saving catcher whatever stuff. Just strait up coupons or hidden deals. I've been following your awesomeness for several years! Glad to see you back!!

Skylar said...

The Randall's deals and local prices have always been very helpful to me. You can't get that anywhere else!

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