Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays Readers - and don't forget your Buffalo Wild Wings mailings

Happy Holidays to all my readers.  I know I am working the next week at spending time with the family and just enjoying the time we all have together.

But I am also reminded about how much of a procrastinator I am and I realized I posted about this offer over a month ago and had yet to do mine.  You have until 12/31 to get these postmarked so if you are fan be sure to check my post as well as get these SASE out in the mail!  I did 8 (4 for each me and my husband)
Hope everyone has Happy Holidays and an Awesome New Year.

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GlennJ said...

I got two (of 4) of mine in the mail yesterday! It looks like you won't be able to check the balance until the new year - mine currently read as $0. That's perhaps when they randomize the payouts.

Anyway, for convenience, the BWW gift card balance inquiry page is here :

GlennJ said...

My last two arrived today... and I got 4x$5 AGAIN. :P

Guess I can't be too upset, as it's still a $20 gift card for all of about $4 in postage.

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