Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Aldi Ad - Sept 10th - 16th

Some key things to know about Aldi's before you shop:
*They do not take coupons
*Bring your own bags or boxes for your groceries.  They do not have regular plastic bags but if you forget yours, you can either buy a cloth reusable bag for $1.99 or a plastic one for .10 (these are actually pretty sturdy and I imagine would last for quite some time if you don't abuse them)
*Bring a quarter with you to "rent" the cart.  You get your quarter back when you return the cart to the corral (keeps costs down if they don't have to have someone round up buggies and they pass those savings onto the customer)
*Prepare to pay with cash, debit or EBT - they do not accept any other form of payment, again as a cost saving measure

Ripe Avocados $0.29 each

Grape Tomatoes (dry pint) $0.59

Broccoli Crowns (1 lb) $0.79

Roma Tomatoes (1 lb) $0.69

Cauliflower $0.79 each

Green Grapes (2 lbs) $1.78/pkg

Red Grapes (2 lbs) $1.78/pkg

Pineapple $0.99 each

Goldhen Eggs (Grade A Large, dozen) $1.19

Friendly Farms Milk (gal) $1.99

L'oven Fresh White Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns (12 oz) $0.89

Burman's Deli Mustard (12 oz) $0.99

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