Monday, July 7, 2014

Randalls - Some cheap ibotta offers and the Teamwork Bonus

I will be the first to admit I am not 100% sure how they determine who is on your team for the Teamwork Bonus, but it seems like if the person is somehow linked to you on facebook, they are on your team.
Maybe those that sign up under each other share a team, I really am not sure (how many are on your team?)

There are multiple levels of bonuses you and your teammates can earn.  From what I have learned given the bonuses I earned there are 2 qualifiers to score your bonus
1. your team has to earn the threshold limit for that bonus $ wise
2. you have to redeem the number of offers required to score your bonus.  This second one is the tricky one and you definitely want to look in your bonus section cause just today, I noticed my teammates had already score the $ threshold limit and all I had to do is redeem 5 offers within the month to scoot to the next bonus level.  So, that is what I did.

I noticed my Reddi Wip had reset even after I already got one free last week, so I went and scored another one.  This is how my total panned out

Safeway Waffles $1.69
Redeem $1 ibotta
$0.69 after rebate

Safeway Cinnamon Rolls $1.79
Redeem $1 ibotta
$0.79 after rebate

Safeway Toaster Strudels $1.79 with J4U loadable coupo (savings of .19 off shelf price)
 Redeem $1 ibotta
$0.79 after rebate

Brown and Serve Sausage Links $1.67
Redeem $1 ibotta
$0.67 after rebate

Reddi Wip Whipped Cream $2 with in ad coupon
Use $1 printable
Redeem $1 ibotta
Free after rebate

So after my $5 ibotta rebates, my total cost was $2.94 and I earned my $2 bonus for a final cost of $0.94 for all 5 items

*Level 1 is redeem 2 rebates and team earns $10 - Bonus $1
*Level 2 is redeem 5 more rebates and team earns $30 more in offers- Bonus $2
*Level 3 is redeem 10 more rebates and team earns $50 more in offers - Bonus $7

It might sound like a lot but if you have just 6 active friends, you can all do the ones listed above and score the $30 level that quick!!!

Hurry though as many of the Randalls offers expire end of day tomorrow.
Some of you might have me on your team so you might already have the earnings part but now just need to get out there and redeem some offers for FREE money!
(for example, if you are on my team and so the $10 has been reached, redeem two offers and it is like adding .50 to each offer, level 2 is adding .40 to each offer and level 3 is like adding .70 to each offer)

What level bonus are you on and how many friends does it say you have?  I would love to hear how my readers are doing on this as I LOVE ibotta!

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