Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Randalls - eBoxTops are now on Just for U!

Woo Hoo!  I am just now going through my emails and I had this new email that I am super excited about.  I already participate in eBoxTops through Safeway but I don't always remember every month to log in to add the offers.  Now they are making it where I don't have to!

Just pick your participating Safeway store on my links below
Tom Thumb

Log into your just for U and next it will ask you to either log into your eBoxTop account or to join.  Once done, your card is linked and you can start adding offers.

After adding offers, you will start to earn boxtops for your school electronically in addition to the boxtops already on the products!  Even if you don't have a participating school, please consider picking a participating school near you as this is FREE money to the school.  When my kids were in Montessori I got them signed up and became the coordinator and their tiny school of about 100 kids got $300 free from our collecting efforts!

They have some super easy earners right now like:
Earn 4 eboxtops wyb 2 Progresso Soups - one time offer (free on Friday with insert and now FREE box tops!)
Earn 1 eboxtop for every box top item you purchase in one transaction!!!! (combine with the soup offer for a bunch of free boxtops)
and 4 other offers currently
Just load them and forget the and you are set with earning.

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