Wednesday, May 7, 2014

RecycleBank - 100 more Free points

I have to admit, I have been a slacker on many of the reward programs offers like Recyclebank.  I am trying to get back in the pattern of keeping up with all these as the points can be used for some real goodies. (like gift cards or coupons!)

Getting back in the groove now.  So, go to Recyclebank, log in or sign up and click here to read ways to minimize waste at your next party and earn an easy 100 points!

After that, click the earn points tab to find several other points offers like:
5 points for Pledge to turn off lights
5 points for Find Certified ecycling locations near you
10 points for A better way to brown bag it
10 points for Learn how a secure home can be a smart home
10 points for Learn more about technology and the environment
10 points for Put the savings back into daylight savings time
10 points for Non Standard Deductions
25 points for Celebrating Mom
25 points for Learn more about Ewaste
25 points for Is your freezer running efficiently
30 points for Pause before you push print
30 points for What bathroom recycling solutions work for you
30 points for Join the 20%

+ a few other offers to sell your old electronics or recycle your #5 Plastics

That is 325 points above that will take you under 10 minutes!

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